Southeast of Brazil

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Southeast of Brazil

Icon-Brazil.png Brazil

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Southeast of Brazil
Map of the region
Capital Sao Paulo
Residents 546
Visitors 570
Language Brazilian Portuguese
Moving zone C2
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Last update: December 3, 2018

Flag of Sao Paulo, the capital of Southeast of Brazil

Southeast of Brazil is a region in Brazil and its capital is Sao Paulo. The region is one of the five largest regions in the new world. It consists of a massive population and over 70% of the Brazilian industries.


Southeast of Brazil is neighbored by the following regions:


This region is an example of the power and might of the Americas. It was the first region in South America to acquire a Q4 hospital. For over three months the city was the Strategic Defense Center for South America. Today São Paulo does not hold its position as the Strategic Defense Center of the Americas, as the task of defending the continent has been decentralized, but it still account for most of Brazil's military power.


The Economics of Sao Paulo consisted of Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD and 132.43 BRL. The region had the habit of charging the lower taxes of the country.

  • Taxes for company of 0.00 BRL.
  • Taxes for homes of 0.01 BRL.


List of Mayors of São Paulo

Date term started Mayor Party
December 21, 2007 Isidor Partido Jovem Brasileiro
January 21, 2008 Marco Polo Partido Jovem Brasileiro
February 21, 2008 Marco Polo Partido Jovem Brasileiro
March 21, 2008 Marco Polo Comando Brasileiro
April 21,2008 Tyrant União Socialista Brasileira
May 21, 2008 Tyrant União Socialista Brasileira
June 21, 2008 Batata Partido Democrata Brasileiro
July 21, 2008 Olorum Partido Democrata Brasileiro
August 21, 2008 Phil McNamara Partido Democrata Brasileiro
September 21, 2008 patrickccg Partido Democrata Brasileiro

List of Congress members of São Paulo

Legislature* Congress member Party
3rd - 4th Sergio Itagiba Uniao Brasileira
3rd - 4th Sortier Partido Democrata Brasileiro
1st, 4th Suriat Partido Militar
  • - According to the Brazilian National Congress decision, the 1st legislature corresponds to the Nov - Dec 2009 legislature.