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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

State Bank of ePakistan
Logo of State Bank of ePakistan
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Headquarters Balochistan
Subsidiaries Quetta Stock Exchange & Securities & Exchange Corporation of Pakistan

The State Bank of ePakistan (SBP) was the Central Bank & National Treasury of Pakistan and aided the Government of Pakistan in its daily functions. The President of Pakistan held executive powers to the SBP while the Minister of Finance of Pakistan managed its affairs. The organizational structure of the State Bank came under scrutiny after arising criminal cases relating to the State Bank of Pakistan's administrative staff. The SBP was ultimately banned.


The State Bank of Pakistan has dealt with its fair share of problems. The recent ones include the Ministry of Finance Loan Scam & The State Bank of Pakistan Theft. The alleged culprits absconded to the USA & Poland evading trial against them in Pakistan. The criminal charges were pressed against the two culprits by the former President of Pakistan, TheJakal. Ever since these scandals surfaced, the former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, dodial, was removed after he fled to the USA. Other accomplices involved with the State Bank Scandals are yet to be identified.

Ministry of Finance Loan Scam

The Scandal focused on various Gold loan schemes announced by previous government regimes of Pakistan. Such schemes were introduced by the MoF & on some occasions by the President itself. In one instance, Former President Mohammad Bilal offered Citizens of Pakistan gold loans of Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD each and the program was allocated Icon - Gold.gif 250 GOLD in total. It was unfortunate that the records of loans and recovery have been either misplaced or lost. As a result, the national exchequer has suffered a substantial loss of funds.

Viability of Project

Due to the crippling economic module of the world, Gold loans were considered unfeasible as manufacturers were suffering losses due to lower demand for products. The profitability of Q7 Weapons drops lower than ever as each day passes by. Many political and economic analysts had in the past warned the Government of Pakistan from issuing loans for company upgrades, however, these warnings were taken lightly.


An Article illustrates the Gold Loan scheme announced by former President Mohammad Bilal, however, no records or documentation remains with the current Government of Pakistan.

TheState Bank of Pakistan Theft

On day 1780 of the new world, a heinous crime had taken place in Pakistan. The State Bank of Pakistan had been emptied by two culprits and what shocked most citizens of Pakistan was that the criminals were once known as patriots of Pakistan.

Aovelhanegra & Political Mistrust

aovelhanegra was a prominent citizen of Pakistan who earned the respect of the people by showing his patriotism for Pakistan. The elections were on its way and former President Mohammad Bilal was stepping down from the presidency to make way for the newly elected President TheJakal. Due to some previous disputes between the two individuals and the inevitable end to the Elitist regime aovelhanegra supported, the once patriotic Pakistani, with the help of an accomplice emptied the State Bank of Pakistan.

Approximately Icon - Gold.gif 800 GOLD and an unknown amount of currency were transferred by the help of former Governor SBP, dodial. aovelhanegra's mistrust in the new regime caused him to take such a step which deeply affected the economic situation Pakistan was in. As a result, a media frenzy had begun and questions were asked. However, aovelhanegra and dodial were already citizens of Poland and USA respectively and they chose to evade the criminal charges that labelled them as traitors of Pakistan. A seasoned leader, raao, was approached by the concerned citizens of Pakistan. He was requested to bring these funds back to Pakistan where they truly belonged. However, his silence to the matter caused a great deal of confusion among most and the scandal was slowly forgotten by most. Some citizens of Pakistan defended his actions, claiming that the Gold & Currency would be returned eventually, months have passed yet the absconder has not justified his actions or returned to defend himself in a fair trial. Ever since this incident occurred, the Governor of SBP was removed and the position was terminated by the President of Pakistan.

The Media

The journalists of Pakistan and citizens spoke out and wrote articles to the crime that had taken place. To this day citizens of Pakistan question as to where the Gold went. The alleged culprit shall always remain alleged due to his inability to defend himself and regain respect in the eyes of his fellow citizens.