Swiss National Army

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Swiss National Army

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General Information
Disbanded 2017 (est)
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland

The Swiss National Army (SNA) was Switzerland's official military unit and Swiss dictator's unit. It was made in March 2012 under bowen199's presidency from ruins of Swiss Special Forces. Commanded by bowen199, it was the largest military unit in Switzerland's history at the time, counting up to 100 members. It was one of the well-funded units, getting a lot of money and support from the government. This allowed the SNA to equip all of their members fairly well with food and weapons, and not force all of their members to work in a unit for supplies.

SNA has been instrumental in the Swiss-German war, as well as being a constant help to Switzerland's allies. The SNA had the largest numbers of kills for any military unit in Switzerland since it's conception.

Most likely sometime in 2017, the unit was transformed to Swiss Air Force, a one-man army.


This is a list of known commanders: