Szekely Legio

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Szekely Legio

Szekely Legio.jpg

General Information
Founded Mar 22, 2009
Day 488 of the New World
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Access policy Any player can join the Military unit as a recruit
Type Irregular army
Total Soldiers 1233
Commanded by Szempy
2nd Szeredal
Commanders m0bra
1st Regiment Captain WasssDorong
2nd Regiment Captain metafisis
3rd Regiment Captain HuMaVi
8th Regiment Captain ctibi4
10th Regiment Captain Basharadam

Szekely Legio is a military unit in Hungary, started back in 2009.


The Szekely Legion was founded on the 488th day of the New World.

The first goal was to unite the Transylvanian community, including the Székely community, while the second goal was common and fast development. The unit made its own companies and assets available to the community. People came, people went.

In July 2009, the unit had 44 members and operated 2 q3 mines and 4 weapon companies through its organization Szekler Logistik, being a self-sustainable and enjoy the freedom of the community.

The team at the time consisted of: 1 Icon Field Marshal.jpg FM, 10 Icon General.jpg General, 20 Icon Colonel.jpg Colonel, 10 Icon Captain.jpg Captain, 2 Icon Lieutenant.jpg Lieutenant and 1 Icon Corporal.jpg Corporal.

The coat of arms is the Szekely coat of arms and the stylized combination of the 82nd Székely Infantry Regiment's cap badge.

Command chain