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Zeus.jpg Theocracy

This article contains the religious views of Theocracy. (What's this?)
Theocracy logo.
 That strip of land will be our Olympus 
(Dio Akira and Dio Maksas looking at the planisphere)

Theocracy is a branch of Dioism. It differs on some theological questions.


Two of Dio's Italian sons, Giorno Maksas Giovana and Haruno Akira Shiobana[1], have started spreading the good word of Dioism in Italy. On one night, Dio Brando suggested to them in their dreams to create their own theocratic state. After multiple tries and some sticky fingers, Akira and Maksas successfully founded the Theocracy, a denomination of Dioism that practices faith through politics.

When trying to found their country, the two sons chose infertile sand on two occasions, which led to failure. However, on their third attempt, they had discovered that beneath the light snowfall in Switzerland was some of the most fertile sand in Europe, and thus the faith began to flourish and his sons reached divinity.


Dioism admits the existence of a single god, Dio Brando, who created the sky, the earth and visible and invisible things.
Theocracy, on the contrary, recognizes the existence of a wide pantheon of divinity, entities who were imposed themselves in the system and evolved in a new form to transcend the divine

Philosophical principles

 Si vis pacem, para bellum! 
 If you want peace, prepare for war! 

Theocracy is based on these three principles :

  • Strength for fighting
  • Honor on the battlefields
  • Glory for the nation and the gods

Main deities

 Every entity who contrasts with the current system comes in a transcendental mode to be venerable 
(Dio Akira in a meeting.)

The worshiped deities are Dio Brando, Dio Akira, Dio Maksas, Colinar and other minor deities related to different cults
These entities are a different form of the “Platonic One” however they remain separated.

The Theocratic Nation

Theocratical power is manifested through the entire detachment of the imposed rules in the game. Theocracy implements a pression on the structure of the state for consolidating its own existence.

Any member must know his role, interpreting it through the high power of the gods, spreading his own theocratical being for the wellness of the others.

Every office received is an expression of the god. There are different ‘’’basic roles’’’:

  1. Order of the Centuries:
  • God
  1. Military order:
    1. Templar
    2. Crusader
  2. Religious Order:
    1. Priest
    2. Believer
  3. No Order:
  • Unfaithful

God: deity. They know the truth. Closely near the Priests and the Templars.
Templar: Generals of crusaders. Men of charisma and leaders in the battles. They live for the gods with a great experience on the battlefield. They are considered as little (or secondary) god or demigod
Crusader: theocratic soldier, he fights following the orders of "Templar" generals.
Priest: missionary of theocratic gospel, in close relations with gods, authors of articles of huge spiritual wise. If a god should put his hand on a priest, it would have elevated in god.
Believer: users at the base of the theocratic pyramid. They can aim to various political and military charges.
Unfaithful: he's not a user, he's not theocratic. Alive or dead makes no difference, but his punishment will be endless.

Religious Order and Secular Order

 Silent leges inter arma! 
(Motto of Theocratic Party)

The Religious Order chaired by kiko25 manages liturgical functions of Theocratic Pantheon Divinity. It also exists a Secular Order, the "Theocratic Pantheon", known in Pakistan as Holy Army Theocratic Party. The leaders of this Secular Order are two gods, Dio Maksas and Dio Akira.

Theocratic Art

Theocratic art has been diffusing since XXI century. It contains all the divine essence of prophecies and wise men. Follow some pictures:

  • Preganziol: Artist of known deepness. In a few words, he's able to show his theocratic passion, throwing true touching messages. We remind this masterpiece:
    prophetic vision during the Swiss mission.


Theocracy has many mythological figures. The most important are:


Sucko: he's a mythological figure who appears suddenly for reassuring unlucky people about his presence.

 Have no fear. Sucko is Here!!! 
(Sucko is reassuring someone)
 Sucko is here!!! 
(Sucko becomes excited reading a theocratic article)


Kurapica (also known as Kuramica, Kurastica, Kuramida e coso) it's a strange creature, obstinate speaker of its own reflections against Theocracy. Expelled from the Congress because for its ugliness [1], it tries to revenge attacking theocrats on its newspaper[2]. But this useless bad publicity only causes Kurapica gives up[3]. Theocrats remind it every year, genuary 10, sacrificing to the gods a puppet Kurapidoso. These are different comments in Italian articles:

 We have half theocrats... 
(One of the best comments of Kurapica.)
 half theocrats 
(Unic comment by Kurapica)
 half theocrats 
(A second unic comment by Kurapica)
 half theocrats 
(Unfortunately Kurapica never stops)

Nemo Moreno

Nemo Moreno (also known as disagreeable fish) is a strange creature. He's sure that supporters (participants) of theocracy are "Teocrati", while gods repeat several times that they are theocrats. Today, he's still hiding among the theocrats trying to find absurd definitions for each of them, but they just ignore him or, worse, teasing him. Unfortunately for Nemo, he's not able to realize it.

(Nemo Moreno is shouting nonsense.)
 They are participants, not supporters 
(Nemo Moreno is shouting against the wiki.)
 We'll see, imho BBJ will win! And now the flame post-wake up is complete. 
(Nemo Moreno laughs with the other theocrats for the low number of votes on the morning of the Swiss congressional elections)


Sguera, the first martyr of Theocracy, sacrificed for the glory of the Gods and the theocratic nation. His sacrifice wasn't vain because it pushed the other theocrats to persevere in achieving their goals. Famous to have managed for much time the preferred pub of Dio Maksas. Sguera's body is now buried in the Theocratic Pantheon while his soul has taken a new body for the granting of the Gods.

 Salve Teocrati! 
(This was the greeting of Sguera, Goodbye.)


July 2008

August/October 2008

November 2008

December 2008

  • Theocracy became a religion and gods start to accept new followers. Many Italian users converted themselves in theocrats.
  • The Elite of the Italian Army is amazed after the vision of the deities. They swear loyalty to the theocracy above everything else.
  • Theocracy starts to move in the world and comes in South Africa where it obtains 51% of congress.[5]. The purpose is simple: to find the money for creating the Theocratic State.

January 2009

  • Colinar, a theocrat, is elected president in Italy.
  • After 48 hours Colinar is impeached by an opponent group [6].
  • Dio Akira and Dio Maksas began to create the new State: Theocratic Nation. Switzerland is chosen: it's a poor, uninhabited land.
  • Theocrats come in Switzerland and obtain 67% of congress[7]. They revive swiss economy opening a new company and employing new followers.

February 2009

  • Theocracy candidate as president of Switzerland Dio Brando, great user, divinity of Dioism, Dio Akira's father and Dio Maksas' grandfather.
  • Dio Brando becomes president of the new Theocratic Nation[8]. A new era of gold and power is started for Switzerland.

March 2009

  • Dio Brando is re-confirmed as leader of our glorious nation.
  • After HanSolo and Victor Petrescu's TO in Pakistan (supported by Romania), the Theocratic Holy Army frees Transnistria fighting against Romania. In this way, Moldavia backs in the New World.
  • After the embargo promoted by the US against the Holy Switzerland, the Theocratic Holy Army signs an MPP with Mexico, defeats American Army and with 358523 (damage points) it is the most powerful nation allied with Mexico.
  • Romania rejects the TO in Pakistan and Uncle Sam is impeached: the diplomatic relationships re-start.
  • In order to respond to the continuous insults directed by Italian Congress to the Holy Switzerland, the Holy Army decides to attack Italy. The leader of Holy Army contacts Spain and Atlantis and all together start a battle in Sardinia (the only Italian region with a Q5 hospital and Q4 defense system). This act, will result in an epic battle with more than 3800000 damage points, resulting in the most fights in the story of erepublik. The Theocratic Holy Army causes 320000 damages. Italy surrenders.
  • Dio Brando signs an MPP with Singapore.

September 2009

  • Theocracy introduces its new order's script, donated by the Dio Akira. It's a start to a new era for the Theocracy commanders.