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 Our goal in the United Kingdom is to constantly look for ways to improve country and community, in every aspect of Erepublik. We will never be satisfied with being the best, we will never stop looking for ways to reform. We shall push on, tirelessly, relentlessly, to ensure that the citizens of the United Kingdom are cared for, and have the ability to do as they choose. Today, Tomorrow, Together, the UKRP. 
(UK Reform Party)

Parliamentary Policy

In this party, we want dedicated MP's who do what they say they will do. We don't want those who promise the World, or ignore their citizenry just because it gets them elected.

As a member of the United Kingdom Reform Party, you will be expected in Commons to do the following:

UKRPstag.png Appoint Deputy MPs to help you in contacting your citizens. While we realise that you'll have a lot of work on your plate, you should try to pick one member of your region to help you. PM them every week, asking if there's anything you can do. If they need advise, give it to them. If they need direction or a job, give them that also. Be helpful, and positive.

UKRPstag.png Be present at each and every vote taken, unless posted for a vacation no longer than 5 days in Commons, for your term. We realise this is a bit harsh, but remember we're facing a team of parties against us, not just one. We need each and every vote we get on every single item.

UKRPstag.png Release your voting record to your public at end of term, and if running for re-election, send it in a PM to your citizens so they can judge it. We're representatives, not dictators, and it's about time we earn our right to Commons, not just expect it from being a Top Five party.

Foreign Affairs Policy

UKRPstag.png We are staunchly allied with our current Alliance, ONE, which is made up of old friends that we have been allied with for quite some time, as well as some good allies which we have made over the past year. We stand behind all of our friends, and will do whatever we can to help them as we know they do the same for us. We believe that the only way to truly strengthen the position of the United Kingdom is to do so via foreign relations, and keeping strong ties to our allies.

UKRPstag.png We also support a policy of open relations with countries that have been allies in the past, such as Turkey or Argentina, who are currently part of an enemy alliance, however, have always been there before for us in the past. We would like to think at some point they'll realise once again who their true friends are, rather than someone who merely wants to use them for damage

Domestic Affairs Policy

Acceptance is the First Path to Enlightenment

UKRPstag.png We at the United Kingdom Reform Party wholeheartedly recognise that we do not all think alike. Everyone is free to have their own opinion, considering our first belief is that of our Freedom of Choice. We choose to be free of regulation, and choose our own path within this game. In this, we respect the rights of all citizens to have an equal voice, to be heard, and to take their ideas into consideration.

UKRPstag.png We believe in a strong Domestic presence, constant advertisement for ways to get involved, as well as constant communication to the Citizens of this country. We'll represent each member's wishes to the fullest of our abilities, and move towards a path of cooperation amongst all citizens. Democracy, regardless of how jaded it may seem, is still the most trusted way of representation. We'll push for more of this, through checks and balances of the Government, as well as updates on how your own tax money is spent.

Small State, Big Society, One Nation

UKRPstag.png It is crucial to keep the Government efficient and effective, yet encourage independent entity to grow and prosper. While we will always respect the job the Government it there to do, we must remember that their jobs are NOT to live our lives for us. Their jobs are to maintain an open door to anything we wish to accomplish or achieve in our time in Erepublik. Otherwise, should it grow too large, the State generally interferes in the gaming experience of our citizens, which is against its purpose.

UKRPstag.png We need to remain small enough to be efficient, yet large enough to be effective, and finding the line between the two is crucial to our successes as a Nation.

Easing the transition as well as the Workload

UKRPstag.png The Prime Minister position already has a lot on his or her plate, in dealing with the constant communication required for our Foreign Affairs team, our Alliance, and our military capabilities. Because of this, it often leaves the Ministry of Home Affairs, tasked with the caretaking of most of our domestic affairs, doing a lot of what some perceive the PM should do. In reflection, upon the many terms occupying No. 10 Downing St., we feel that the Minister of Home Affairs would be better served to be Deputy Prime Minister in all cabinets, simply because it gives them the leeway to manage their departments without occupying the Prime Minister when his time is duly needed elsewhere.

An Era of Open Doors

UKRPstag.png To be perfectly short and blunt, the only way to improve our country is to allow anyone and everyone the opportunity to participate. In terms of domestic policy, we cannot afford to further limit our actions based on what a group of people deem acceptable, but rather allowing anyone who has an idea to attempt to implement it and see what good it can do for the United Kingdom.

UKRPstag.png We'd like to see more business programs, more communication via in game methods (particularly we'd like to see the President/Prime Minister begin to communicate further as we have not had a very communicative head of Government for quite some time), and we'd like to see more involvement in terms of Ministry work. We're not really talking about getting involved to message, as most people would prefer to do what they'd like. We'd like to see a more open and accepting attitude to let newer players get involved, rather than trying to herd them into already existant, and non-effective programs that obviously need re-tuning.

At the core of this Party, there are several main beliefs that we all cherish:

UKRPstag.png We may make mistakes, but it is our right to choose to do so, and our responsibility to accept the challenges they represent. No one is allowed to make mistakes for us.

UKRPstag.png We choose how we spend the money we earn, and will not be forced to buy any certain product, or trade our labour for goods.

UKRPstag.png We choose to allow each citizen the opportunity to move from Worker to Owner, rather than trying to control economic markets through product dumping.

UKRPstag.png We choose to speak strongly against any form of disrespect against the citizen, and expect that each citizen has the right to voice their opinions within our community.

UKRPstag.png We believe that any citizen, regardless of origin should be allowed the opportunity to live in the United Kingdom so long as their intentions are pure. Thus, we will not support strict Immigration controls, unless an obvious security risk is shown.

Military Policy

As a Party, the UKRP believes in three values that lie at the base of the Military:

UKRPstag.png Respect and Loyalty to the United Kingdom: All soldiers and citizens of this country should respect our Nation, and what it stands for. In doing so, we believe in fighting together, as a Unit, in our National Army to represent our country well. The more damage we can do as a Nation, the more we'll be able to accomplish on the World Stage (as we sometimes forget that this game is largely based on military maneuvers).

UKRPstag.png Accountability goes both ways: Congress and the Prime Minister must respect the military for the dedication and job that it does enough to keep the Military apolitical, however, the military must also respect them in return for the jobs they do in running the country and organising their own ranks. There can be no divide on the respect that each shows to the other, nor the positions they carry. The minute there is, there is always a lack of dedication and follow through to get the job done.

UKRPstag.png We do not believe in politicising or changing the military based on political views, nor will we try. Those things are better left to Commanders and Tacticians.

Economic Policy

UKRPstag.png While we're under occupation, there is obviously a limited amount of things we can actually do, since we're on a budget tighter than normal. Our normal fiscal policy will always be lower taxes to allow people to spend their money as they see fit rather than trying to force social programs down their throat. We'd rather have the opportunity to spend our own hard earned money, essentially.

UKRPstag.png Once we regain Congress, we'd like to see taxes lowered anyway, however, as there is currently more than 2 million pounds in the treasury, which we can only transfer 100,000 per day as a max limit. Considering it'd be very hard for us to spend this on a normal basis, and we're only going to collect more taxes, we'd like to re-examine this and see what kind of adjustments we can make to better enhance the gameplay of our citizens without collecting money that we're never going to be able to use.