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The Greylight is a central aspect of the Path and Lidoxa. Its specific realities as they relate to the Path are a mystery to those who are not Geno. In Lidoxa, the Greylight created and gives power to Phaedrus Lidox.

The Path


The Greylight symbolizes moderation, as grey is a moderate tone between the extremes of black and white. The Geno believe that the Greylight is the Light of the Path, explaining that no one can follow a path in the dark but that an excess of light is blinding. This moderation is the foundation of the Path, exemplified by the fact that it is a faith that admittedly has no "leaders" and no "followers".


The Greylight, in Lidoxa, is the infinite energy field that created Lidox at Inception. This is similar to the story of Dio Brando's creation as taught in Dioism. Lidoxa teaches that all of Phaedrus's power in this realm emanates from the Greylight and that he is an agent of the Greylight tasked with bringing its "Qualities" to Earth. The Greylight itself is not worshiped as a deity in Lidoxa, but is recognized as a supernatural force that guides the world.