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Timeoinism is the belief that Timeoin has the ability to know everything to do with eAustralia, in particular the Wiki, and what updates are taking place on eAustralian pages, and eAustralian citizen pages.


Timeoinism is the belief that Timeoin has special powers in eAustralia pertaining to the Wiki, and Wiki pages. There are a number of Beliefs that followers of Timeoinism must adhere too, and they are viewable here.



Dean Kong and Binda33


This eReligion is founded on the eBelief that Timeoin has an extremely large amount of contributions to the Wiki, especially the eAustralian pages and citizen pages.


  • This eReligion has only been founded rather recently. Whilst it **IS** eVolving, it is still in its infancy as an eReligion.

Historical Figures

Dean Kong


  • Upon realising that this eReligion had been founded, Timeoin has made it very very clear that he is in no way interested in competing with the other two (and maybe more?) eAustralian eGods. Instead, he would rather use his eDivine powers for good, for the betterment of the country as a whole. Specifically, though, soon after the founding of this eReligion, Timeoin was voted as one of the Wikis Uber Editors. Timeoinism even has its own organization, The House of Timeoinism.


There are quite a number of people who eBelieve that the 3 denominations are eGods. Numerous people have publicly stated on the Australian IRC channels that they believe Timeoin to be an eGod.

The specific, newly created thread can be seen here.

Timeoinism is officially the largest eReligion in Australia, as can be seen by a Poll completed on Day 796, which is viewable here

Timeoinism Followers