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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 13 May 2009 - (Day 540)
Date of death November 11, 2011
Residence Queensland
Sex Male
Married to Miss Keira
(29 Sept 2011 – current)
Children Comrade Bender, Mikhail Alexander, Darth Spader
Newspaper Tim's Thoughts
President of Australia
Preceded by Majester
Congress member of Australia
25 June 2009 – January 2010
25 February 2010 – 2010
05 April 2010 – 16 April 2010
Served under Schoft
Succeeded by Mack Craft
Minister of Information of Australia
August 6, 2009 – October 5, 2009
Served under Ranger Bob
Preceded by Aaron Camm
Succeeded by Garven Dreis
December 06, 2009 – January 05, 2010
Served under Cozza
Preceded by Corey Blake
Succeeded by CrowdedHouse
Deputy Prime Minister of Australia
September 21, 2009 – October 5, 2009
Served under Melchizedek Smith
Preceded by Melchizedek Smith
Succeeded by Xavier Griffith
January 06, 2010 – February 05, 2010
Served under Cottus Arci
Preceded by Derek Apollyon
Succeeded by Ranger Bob
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia
July 17, 2010 – 2010
Served under sir_c0nstant
Minister of Defence of Australia
October 06, 2009 – December 05, 2009
Served under Cerridwen Voeland
Preceded by Srg91
Succeeded by sir_c0nstant
April 16, 2010 – April 30, 2010
Served under Xavier Griffith
Preceded by Schoft
Succeeded by Mack Craft
Australian Advisory Representative of Sol
September 2009 – Australian Withdrawal from Sol
Party president of Australian Military Party
July 16, 2010 – August 15, 2010
Preceded by binda33
Party president of The Greens
March 26, 2010 – April 15, 2010
Party president of The Southern Cross Party
May 16, 2010 – June 15, 2010
Deputy Speaker of Australia
May 31, 2010 – June 25, 2010
Served under Binda33
Preceded by Aeros

Timeoin was a citizen of Australia, born on May 13, 2009. He has been serving Australia as best he can since he was first able to do so, as a Senator of the Northern Territory. Since that day, he has expanded his experience, and has served in a number of different ways, in particular as a long-standing member of both the Australian Cabinet and the Congress of Australia. As well as this, he has also served ably as a loyal Australian Soldier, and as a Wiki Editor. He is one of the Retired Uber Editors of the eRepublik Wiki, and during the later half of 2010, also one of ERepublik's Game Moderators. Elected (October 2011), he was the President of Australia.


Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Senate

Timeoin has served 10 terms in the Congress of Australia, 1 of them in the Northern Territory, and 8 of them in Queensland, his Real Life home state. He has also served one term as Senator of New South Wales, in April 2010.

It should be mentioned that in almost all of his election bids, Timeoin has written a senate platform, however in October, he accidentally forgot to link his presentation to his run for senate, despite this article being in the top 5 rated media articles for the day. Timeoin did not release Senate presentations in the February 2010 elections at all, and still received 8 votes. In March 2010, Timeoin received 16 votes. In April 2010, Timeoin broke the record for the most number of votes received by any senator in an Australian election, receiving a massive 65 votes. He surpassed the record by former Senator Xavier Darkmyre of 64, set in September 2009, in the first time that he ran for senate in New South Wales. The next month, he went back to Queensland, and receive 20 votes.


He has served in the Australian cabinet in a few different occasions. He first began his work in cabinet working as the Deputy Minister of Defence, under Ranger Bob and scotywest. He then was asked to be Minister of Information by Ranger Bob, and was asked to stay as Minister of Information for the next month as well, for stewstoyc. However, due to a RL incident which occurred, stewstoyc was unable to complete his term, and Melchizedek Smith soon appointed him his Deputy Prime Minister as a response to the Twofold Bay Incident, and the resignation of Stewstoyc. He then was asked to be Patti11's Minister of Defence in October. In November, under Cerridwen Voeland, was asked to be Co-Minister of Defence, but due to Cozza's resignation, for the majority of this month he was the Minister of Defence instead. In December, he was again asked to be the Minister of Information, with Corey Blake the Deputy Minister.

In January 2010, Cottus Arci chose him as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, serving as the deputy of Prime Minister Cottus Arci. In February 2010, he was appointed by Cottus to be the Minister of Culture. In March 2010, he did not see Cerb's message to him on the Australian forums in time, and instead became the Deputy Minister of Education. In April 2010, he was selected as the Deputy Minister of Defence, in Xavier Griffith's cabinet. He was soon promoted to Minister of Defence, due to the absence of Schoft. In May 2010, he was asked by Xavier Griffith to be the Deputy Minister of Industrial Relations.

He has also served as Australian Advisory Representative to the Sol Alliance on five separate occasions, since its creation, and was also present in the conversations during which the alliance was formed, although Srg91 was clearly the dominant Australian presence there that day.

He has also served as Deputy Speaker of the Congress of Australia. He was selected for this position in a vote by the Senators during the May 2010 elections, and he served under Speaker Binda33.

He was also selected on May 31 to represent Australia to South Africa as part of a Congress Exchange program. This was voted on by the senate, and he was selected in a 24-hour vote, 11-2, beating the only other nominee, Discrate1.

After taking a break from eRepublik due to Real Life commitments, Timeoin returned to cabinet in mid-July, taking on the position of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs under DARK VORODOR. Less than a day later, he was promoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs after Dark Vorodor was promoted to Deputy Prime Minister. When Dean Kong became President, he was asked to continue on as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

January 2010 Prime Minister Candidate

He was the Peoples Democracy candidate for the January 2010 Prime Minister elections. His platform can be viewed Here, and his cabinet list can be viewed Here.
His National Goals were as follows:

Three parties publicly announced their support for Timeoin for Prime Minister in January:

  • Peoples Democracy - Publicly Supported him. Not surprising, as this is his own party.
  • Procreate and Populate Party - Nominated Him as Candidate. Party president sent private messages to every PaPP member telling them not to vote for Timeoin. Reasons for this are unclear.
  • Australian Independents - Nominated him as candidate, however owing to the Independent nature of the party, he was unlikely to have majority support from this party.

Timeoin was unsuccessful in this attempt. He stated that he would re-run in February 2010, if given an opportunity to do so.

Leaving the Australian Democratic Party

Timeoin officially left the Australian Democratic Party after the January Party president elections. The reasons for this was that the party had been the victim of a Political Take Over, at the hands of Pizza The Hut. He requested, and was granted, membership status in the Australian Independents.

February 2010 Country Presidential Elections

Timeoin confirmed in early January that he is, indeed, a candidate for the February 2010 Prime Minister elections. His reason for this are two-fold: to have the chance to represent Australia as a Prime Minister with very clear, achievable goals for what he hopes to achieve if elected, and secondly to make sure that Pizza The Hut (whose IP matches that of well known multier Ajay Bruno), from becoming elected as country president[1].

He had the support of the following Political Parties:

  1. Australian Independents
  2. Australian Communist Party
  3. True Blue Party.
  • He also had a large following in the Australian Military Party, however withdrew his official request from nomination ro this party to do the right thing and give Cottus Arci the change to run as a candidate (A move he would later regret when the Australian National Party sniped him at the last minute to give Cottus Arci victory).

Timeoin was ultimately to be unsuccessful in this attempt, but for a non-senator, non-cabinet member, against a 5 time country president, he held his ground very admirably. In fact, it was only when sir c0nstant officially declared that he could not win, and told the remaining Australian National Party members to vote for Cottus Arci that he was defeated.[Shout from Sir_c0nstant]. During this month, Timeoin released three official Country Presidential candidate articles[2][][].

Australian Military Party

After his second unsuccessful Prime Minister candidacy, he decided to chance parties once more, and help out the Australian Military Party, a rising political force in the Australian Political scene. In the February Senate elections, he ran for the first time as a candidate of Congress of the Australian Military Party, and was successfully elected in the state of Queensland.

In March 2010, he again ran for Senate in Queensland. This time, despite not having written a platform, he received the second highest votes in Queensland (16 votes) - second only to that of a Political Takeover Candidate in that state.

Party Presidencies

On March 28, 2010, he also was given the Party president of the party formerly known as the National Pirate Party. The reason for this was that its temporary custodian, Jameson L Tai, had to resign, so that he could be deployed overseas. Timeoin took over the party president duties, vowing to hold it as custodian until the April 15 elections. In the meantime, though, he renamed the party to The Greens, thinking that if anything could make this party a minority party again, it was calling it this.

In May 2010, Timeoin was elected as Party president for the first time. He was elected as Party president of the True Blue Party, one of the former top 5 parties of Australia. The reason he decided to run for this position was to make sure that it was not used to PTO Australia in either the Australian Senate elections or the Prime Minister elections. In the meantime, Timeoin changed the party name to Heart of Ranger Bob, in response to Wonder Forward's rebranding of the National Pirate Party, the Heart of Cerridwen Voeland. A few days later, on the request of Ranger Bob, he changed the party name again, this time to KATES PARTY. He then released an article entitled Attention eAustralia, in which he invited everyone in Australia to attend Kate's Party. Later, after an online meeting with members of KATES PARTY, it was agreed to change the party name to KATES PARTY.

In July 2010, Timeoin became party president of the Australian Military Party, vowing to use this position to do his best to win back Australia's political standing to a point where it could govern itself. He held this position for one month.

Timeoin's Retirement and Return

In December of 2010, Timeoin left the game. He did this for a period of six months, returning in June 2010. At the time of this, the Prime Minister at the time Tim Holtz, was calling for citizens to serve as Australian Ambassadors. Due to his contacts in countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and China, he was appointed Australian ambassador to these countries on June 13th. Feeling bad at being having an eDead citizen as an ambassador, he returned to the game a week later.

Senate Revival

Timeoin decided to make a return bid for the Senate, in what would be his 13th Senate term (One term did not show up on the medal count, as Admin removed multi accounts after the 6 hour period, and reinstated several candidates at the last minute). Timeoin was successful in his bid, and was reelected to Queensland. In a close race, he was also re-elected in July 2011, too. This seat was more hotly contested than is usual for the state, owing to Australia having two regions at the time (Queensland, Northern Territory), and Queensland being the nation's capital. During this month, he was also elected as the Senate Speaker, the first time he had held this position.

Supersoldier2.gif Military

Timeoin first fight was in Cuyo, Argentina, as part of the Argentinian Wargames. He fought after learning about the wargames from a report from the Australian government about the wargames. It was in this report where, as a low level player (level 3 or 4), he asked the comment "What are wargames, and how can I get involved". This would later become one of his most famous phrases, and create an Australian meme.

He first joined the eAustralian military when he joined the Australian Commando Unit Koalas as a Private, and immediately joined 'H' Squad. After a month of fighting in the Argentinian Wargames he had attained the rank of Lieutenant, however this was not sufficient to keep his position in this squad, and he lost it to other, older, players. He then joined the Australian Army Reserves where he resided for a month, before being successful in rejoining the Australian Commando Unit Koalas again. After approximately a month and a half, he was approached by Cozza to serve as ACUK Military Marshal, before being forced to resign for this position, as he was nominated by Patti11 to be the Minister of Defence on October 6, 2009, and to stay on in this position would have been a conflict of interest. His successor as the Marshal was stewstoyc.

  • Timeoin reached the rank of Icon General.jpg General on Day 730 of the new world, taking 495 fights to achieve this.
  • Timeoin has earned 4 Super Soldier Achievements.(Note: Original Super Soldier Achievement)

On Day 758 (December 17, 2009), Timeoin became the Squad Leader of ACUK Squadron 6 (Super Saiyan Koalas). By the end of January, he was replaced in this position, his squad unanimously voting to re-instate Aussie Vegeta as their squad leader once more. Later, Timeoin would become squad leader of ACUK Squadron 1, and during the time that he was Squad Leader, set up a motion amongst squad members, and was responsible for officially changing the name from ACUK Squadron Foxtrot, to ACUK Squadron FTW (He did not mention this to his squad, but to Timeoin, FTW stands for For The Wiki)

On Day 800, Timeoin officially fought in an overseas battle for the first time. That is to say, this day was the first day he was able to deploy to another Country to fight, having been landlocked due to being a member of the Australian Senate for many months.

On February 27, 2010, Timeoin was officially transferred from the Australian Commando Unit Koalas to the Australian Army Reserves, as he was landlocked. This was due not to Timeoin being suddenly landlocked (for he had been landlocked from July 2009 to January 25, 2010), but rather due to a change to the Australian Military structure brought on by Prime Minister Cottus Arci. He became a member of Charlie Squad (Party of AAR Platoon 1) . In Mid-April 2010, he became the Executive Officer (Second in command) of Delta Squad in the Australian Army Reserves, transferring him into Platoon 2 of the AAR. He is second in charge of this squad to Viado Celtru, who is the Squad Commander. He resigned this position for a few days in order to let Gareth Irwin become Executive Officer, as he had not been given a chance to be in a squad command in his time in the Australian Military, and wished to do so. Later, on Day (May 15, 2010), Timeoin would officially become the Executive Officer once more, this time under Squad Leader Gareth Irwin. Gareth had been promoted to this position after Viado Celtru stepped down from command. Timeoin become the Defacto commander of this squadron, owing to the departure of Gareth Irwin from AAR after V2 implementation.

On March 13, 2010 (Day 844), Timeoin become one of the first 40 Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshals of Australia.

On March 28, 2010 (Day 899), during the Battle of Western Australia, Timeoin first used tanking, after being given 10 gold by Gareth Irwin, and he tanking 5 times. Overall in this battle, he did 3,142 damage. Timeoin only fought one one side of Day Change, as he had Minister of Defence duties which prevented him from fighting before Day 888 was completed.

eRepublik Rising

Timeoin has not been involved very much with the military side of things with Erepublik Rising. This is mainly because of the political takeover by Indonesia in Australia, which stopped Australia from having an Alliance with other countries. He did fight in a number of battles in the Canada-UK War in August 2010, before returning to Australia to run for Senate.

Military Skills in eRepublik Rising:

  1. Military Rank: Field Marshal
  2. Tank (unit) - Tank: Veteran (Skill 10)
  3. Air unit (unit) - Air Unit: Professional (Skill 6)
  4. Infantry (unit) - Infantry: Marksman (Skill 4)
  5. Artillery (unit) - Artillery: Greenhorn (Skill 1)

Note: This skills have since been removed.


Timeoin has had limited expose to business other than a brief stint as General Manager of eAustralian Gifts, but he was also a board member of Eucalyptus eHoldings, a company started by John Sykes. Other board members include Enoch Root, Mack Craft, Edwina P. Montague, Gecko1, Able Kane, HadrianX, and several more.

He also owns a Q1 weapons company, called Innovative Weapons, run by Innovative eSolutions. This company was closed down for several months, due to the price of Weapons being reduced from 6 aud to 2-3 aud each.

He also is one of the original contributors to Citadel Systems (Citadel Systems), a Q5 Defence System Company. To help this company get started, he loaned his entire eLife savings at the time. This equated to Icon - Gold.gif 60 GOLD.

On May 23, 2010 915, Timeoin bought a Q1 Iron company in Beijing, and renamed the company from Stone Age Iron 90+ Well to Innovative Iron.

He also inherited a number of companies from other players during the fallout from the PTO of Australia and the implementation of ERepublik Rising.

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif Media

He owns a newspaper called Tim's Thoughts (having been renamed from "Senate Platform" in late 2009), which he uses mainly to publish his re-election to the senate, however, was also used to propose to Binda33, who become his eWife.

Timeoin's first venture into the Australian Media was a rather successful one: His first article was rather unimaginatively entitled "Candidate Speech", but still received 48 votes in the media, fast becoming the top-rated newspaper article for that day, and he received comments of support from a number of prominent Australian Citizens, including Tim09, Ranger Bob, and Br0adside.

Other articles that he has written vary greatly in terms of voting, ranging from anywhere between 14 votes not another senate platform to 105 my cabinet list for January, to his all time highest of 185 as part of his ATO efforts in the May 2010 Senate elections.

In late December of 2009, and early January of 2010, this newspaper was also used to provide articles about his platform for Prime Minister. (see Timeoin#Prime Minister Candidate). This newspaper was also used again for this purpose during his semi-successful February Campaign.
This newspaper had over 200 Subscriptions (Day 1,000).


Timeoin was a well-respected member of the Australian community. He spends several hours a day on not only the Australian IRC channel (#ausrep), where he joined a few weeks after joining the game, but also on the Australian Forums. On the Australian forums, Timeoin is a Moderator for several boards, and has been a Moderator of many more in the past, such as the Senate Board and the Entire Military section of the Forum.

Timeoin is perhaps best known in the Australian media for the meme "What are (wargames), and how can I get involved?". This meme originally started from a comment that Timeoin made when he was still new to the game, and wargames were mentioned in an official Australian government article. This comment was then screen-shot and posted on the Australian Forum in the "Off Topic" section of the forum when Timeoin was Minister of Defence for the first time. From there, this meme grew and is now used for almost any task where someone is unsure of something. It is used along the lines of What is <INSERT>, and how can I get involved?.

Another meme that Timeoin helped initiate first started in #ausrep. This dates back to July 2009, when Timeoin was Minister of Information. During this time, as Timeoin was instructed to keep the Australian public informed wherever possible, Timeoin did just that, and took the occasion to inform the Australian people, regardless of the usefulness of the information. He usually took the form "/me INFORMS <player's nickname> that <obvious statement here>. As well as this, many of the statements mentioned were also with regards to accidental misquotes, many of which can still be viewed in the #E-PUB quote bot today.

Timeoin has made many contributions to the Australian Forums. His forum profile can be viewed here.

On May 04, 2010, Timeoin was officially inducted into the Order of Australia, as a "member".


Timeoinism was an attempt at an Australian Religion based on the belief that Timeoin is a God, with powers over Australian Wiki Pages (Click here for evidence).

This Religion was un-official, a denomination of the Australian Pantheon of Gods. Despite this religion not being an official one, the Australian Forums have awarded Timeoin the rank of Wiki God [{{{1}}}], due to his contributions to the Australian Wiki pages.

Wiki Contributions

Timeoin is one of the top ten largest contributors to the Erepublik Wiki Contribution Scores. His main contributions are to do with any Australian pages, such as citizen pages, Australian Political Pages, Australian Party pages, and many more.

He is the biggest Icon-Australia.png eAustralian contributor to the Wiki, having overtaken Mr. Awesome sometime in November or December of 2009. Overall Contribution

On January 15, 2010, Timeoin officially became one of the Uber Editors of the Wiki Pages, he is now listed as Retired Uber Editor


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x16)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x16)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x14)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x1)

Mercenary Medal

He has also achieved Mercenary "flags" with the following countries:

  1. Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
  2. Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
  3. Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarus
  4. Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
  6. Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
  7. Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
  8. Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
  9. Flag-China.jpg China
  10. Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia
  11. Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
  12. Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
  13. Flag-France.png France
  14. Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
  15. Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
  16. Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
  17. Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
  18. Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
  19. Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
  20. Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
  21. Flag-Peru.jpg Peru
  22. Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
  23. Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
  24. Flag-Romania.png Romania
  25. Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
  26. Flag-Thailand.jpg Thailand
  27. Flag-Ukraine.jpg Ukraine
  28. Flag-USA.png USA

and is partway to earning this medal with the following countries:

Flag-Estonia.jpg (13/25) Flag-Finland.jpg (17/25) Flag-India.jpg (18/25) Flag-Norway.jpg (8/25) Flag-South Africa.jpg (3/25)