Wanhat Parrat

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Wanhat Parrat

Party-Wanhat Parrat.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Abbreviation WP
Founded 2011
President Kostaja
Members 50
Congress Occupancy 19/40 seats, 48%
Succeeds Patriot Partiet
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Wanhat Parrat is the largest party in Finland.

In March 2010, Patriot Partiet was founded by Notelitten accompanied by Tobias Hansen. The party was not meant to be as big as the others, and focused rather on keeping its members sticking to a certain ideology. During the first days of existence, the party experienced some struggles, but received mainly only good will from the Norwegian people.

As the party grew, new ideology and new direction were needed. In 2011 the party was renamed to Wanhat Parrat leading to its 1st Presidential election win before the year was out (December 2011)

It provided several Presidents during its existence and usually has more than 30 % of the Congress seats.

Wanhat Parrat members elected as Presidents of Finland (first 8 years)