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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.
The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!

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If you are an employee, you have the following features:

  • Work: you will receive your salary each time you work. Also, your wellness will decrease by x%, where x represents the quality level of the company where you work.

Note that you can not work if there is not enough money in the company's account to pay your salary.

  • Company statistics: access this button and you will be led to a new page where you can find monthly information about your company (number of sold products, average price and when they were sold)
  • Resign from this company: if you are not satisfied any more with your job or you want to create your own company, you can resign from your current workplace; you can do this any time you want and you don't need the permission of your employer.