Day 510 / 13 April 2009

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Military news

Having successfully taken North-West Frontier Province, Romania moves on to attack Indonesia's Punjab and Balochistan together.

A deal struck between Bulgaria and Serbia allows Croatia to retake Sumadija through a resistance war.

Hungarian and American training wars begin in Burgenland and Baja.

The resistance war in Balochistan fails, while one at Zaporozhia begins.

Political news

The Hungarian president of Icon-Norway.png Norway, Marginaldefeat, was impeached by 14-4 following a proposal from Euronymouss.

"Empress Day"

Picture of Empress Oraizan, Empress of Japan.
Main article: Emperor of Japan

On the night of April 13, 2009, a group of Congress and non-congress member of Japan decided to have a joke on Japan and HIZUMI, as the emperor talk was becoming absurd and foolish. Since many people did not have very happy thought about the new formation of HIZUMI's fictional empire, which had no connection with the actual government of Japan, a little joke were planned out in the small group in the Japan IRC to appoint someone HIZUMI disagreed with the most, for the emperor/empress position of Japan for 24 hours just for the joke. It was originally planned for a small confusion for a little laugh, but with some other major event and paranoia added with HIZUMI's action to try to gain the International attention, not only did it evolve it into crisis, but a confusing day filled with conflict, drama, and rash decisions. Of course, this event was just trial for the actual Emperor/empress situation, it turned out worse than most had envisioned and lead to eventual chaos. This day is known to many as "Pull Prank on HIZUMI" Day, Empress Day, Oraizan Day, etc. This was also Official birth of Otaku Monarchial Republic of Japan (OMR),[1] which fell 24 hours later.

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