Day 912 / 20 May 2010

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Anti-cheating project was announced in eRepublik Insider article which brought several changes to the game from this day[1]:

  • After elections days on the 6th, 16th and 26th there will be a six-hour delay between the end of the voting period and the results becoming final. During these hours the winners might change if illegal accounts were involved.
  • Since today, citizens below level 12 cannot Donate money, unless this feature has been unlocked by Purchasing gold.
  • Changes to invite friends regulations - when you invite somebody in eRepublik you will get a 10% Gold bonus from all the Gold your friend finds with a treasure map and also 10% out of their Gold purchases.
  • New gold bonus page was added to the game where you can track invites and also collect your Gold bonuses

Only the first two measures were directly targeted as part of the anti-cheating measures, other changes have been implemented to improve the user experience in the game.

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