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A Matzaa Avatar used by Titu Maiorescu

Matza is the mascot for Romania and the Romanian military. The word Matza literally means "pussycat" in Romanian. Figuratively, according to Titu Maiorescu, "it is (was) the engine behind all Romanian military - and not only - successes, it represents the Romanian spirit, our aggressiveness, valor and cunning tactical capacities."


The use of Matza started over a year ago when a group of Romanians attempted to take over Bulgaria. At that point, the game rules were such that a citizen had to live in the country for ten days before being able to vote, so a large group of people moved to prepare for the election. As a way of blocking communication in the Bulgarian media, every time a new article appeared, Romanians we would post spam articles (the first ones included kittens, hence the reference to Matza) to push relevant articles from the latest list. Every now and then, when not enough people were online to post articles, Romanians would be called via instant messaging, which in turn lead to the spread of the concept. It seems the current usage was developed then, as people as people would leave "Matza" comments on Bulgarian Media articles.


Though the word is spelled Matza in Romanian, many citizens choose to add more than one "A" at the end of the word. (Similarly, Indonesian citizens use the term pertamax and add additional "x" at the end). It is possible that the additional "A"s pays homage to the battle cry "This... is... SPARTAAAAA!".


Avatar of Romanian player Xigna

Matza became a worldwide phenomenon when Romanians began to call Pakistan Matzalandia. Romanian Han Solo had taken the Pakistani presidency in March 2009 during the Romania-Pakistan War. After the end of the Romanian empire, a large group of Romanians moved to Indonesia and were able to take over 50% of the congressional seats. Indonesia was then called Matzanesia.