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The Ministry of Defense of Pakistan is the official military branch of the Federal Government of Pakistan. The Minister of Defence is appointed by the Dictator of Pakistan and the staff is appointed by the Minister.

Former Ministers

  • Annihilator10
  • Alexander_Auctoritas
  • Strywgr
  • Asjad Arshad
  • Taha Ahmed

Duties of Pakistan Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense's main function is to safeguard Pakistan and its regions. The Ministry supervises and is empowered with authority over the official Military Units of Pakistan. The Minister of Defence dispatches supplies to the soldiers and armed personnel of Pakistan. The supply dispatch system was introduced nearly recently and every soldier is entitled to a certain number of weapons in order to assist in combat. The Ministry also coordinates between the commanders of various military units and the Supreme Commander of the Pakistan Armed Forces is the President.


Very few changes have been brought by Ministers of Defence. Weapon distribution was rare by the Minister until Sunday, 17 December 2016, Taha Ahmed was appointed Minister of Defence by Taha Ahmed. Taha not only sold weapons but started a free distribution around weaker or poorer citizens. The distribution was not only of weapons but food and currency too.

Taha Ahmed introduced a system in which the members of the Ministry of Defence were paid by his personal money. He appointed a Spokesman and various positions were available. Taha Ahmed wrote in his article that this was his effort to remove poverty from Pakistan.

Hostile Nations

Pakistan was attacked by Iran and some of Pakistan's regions remain occupied by China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been unsuccessful in starting a dialogue with China, due to which China is considered a Hostile nation. The Ministry of Defense carried out a resistance war and is attempting to regain its regions from China.

Conquering Israel and Resistance

It was a few days when the President The DarKnight took an airstrike on Israel and conquered the whole of it. Then a Resistance War carried out and received back whole of it. But Israel was conquered by Greece and Pakistan was broken again. Mostly conquered by Turkish and Chileans. Then it was conquered by Thailand.

Right now Pakistan has 2 areas under President Ahsan, Punjab and NWFP.

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