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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Colors Blue & Gold
Total Soldiers 134
Commanded by Avruch
1st Regiment Captain Neokon
Part of United States Armed Forces

Ultramarines is a branch of the United States Armed Forces, originally founded on Day 1192 of the New World by Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, Avruch, and Maruishima as an independent Military Unit. The unit functions in the USA but in the past also operated in the UK. They also have soldiers who live in other parts of the New World. The Ultramarines is primarily a Division 3 and 4 Military Unit, one of the highest in the USAF Chain.


Each soldier is entitled to up to 21 tanks a day in the form of 3 drops of 7 tanks each. These are requested via IRC using eRepBot and all requests are filled often by QM's. Soldiers can also request up to 1800 energy in food (3x 600), only in hardship cases.


With the recent command and structural changes, the Ultramarines is adopting a higher community stance, aiming to increase IRC and Forum activity with competitions and rewards. They will also be working closely with the other USAF branches to ensure that soldiers are moved up when needed and that UM has more exposure for potential new recruits.

Structure & Operation

The Ultramarines adopts a fairly simple structure. It is run by a command unit known as Command Division which contains all the Commanders. Within Command Division is the Quartermasters group that contains all the Quartermasters for the Ultramarines and the Support Staff that contains all the Divisional CO's and XO's.

Everyone else is classed as a Soldier and is split into 2 divisions, the Battle Division and the Tank Division. The Tank division contains the highest hitters in UM who are called upon and given extra supplies to help turn battles, while the Battle Division contains all the other soldiers. Ultramarines is primarily a mobile unit and so you will find UM soldiers all over the New World.


Commanders are the leaders of the Ultramarines, consisting of Commanding Officer (CO) and Executive Officer (XO). Following is the list of all known commanders during unit's history.


Advisors have a function to help commanders in making decisions. Following is the list of all known advisors during unit's history.


The Logistics is the supply division, where all the Quartermasters reside. Following is the list of all known Quartermasters during unit's history.

Support Staff

The Support Staff are in charge of activity and retention. Following is the list of all known Support Staff during unit's history.