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Starting Day 1,665 (11 June 2012) every citizen belongs to a Division.

As of Day 3,165 (20 July 2016) there are five active divisions, four ground and one air division. All of the divisions are fighting in each battle round at the same time.

In-game Emblems Name Type Experience Level Required experience points
Profile Blue Yellow
Icon ground division 1.png Icon division 1 blue.png Icon division 1.png National Guard Ground division 1 - 34 0
Icon ground division 2.png Icon division 2 blue.png Icon division 2.png Soldiers Ground division 35 - 49 50,000
Icon ground division 3.png Icon division 3 blue.png Icon division 3.png Special Forces Ground division 50 - 69 125,000
Icon ground division 4.png Icon division 4 blue.png Icon division 4.png Tanks Ground division 70+ 225,000
Icon airforce.png Icon division Airforce blue.png Icon division Airforce.png Airforce Air division No level required* 0*
Military attributes section on the profile page
  • Additional note: Airforce division is a special division that every citizen is a member of.

The citizen can check their division level on the profile page, section military attributes.

Changing divisions

Once the citizen reaches the required experience level he will become a member of that ground division. He will be able to fight in that ground division and in the aircraft division. Citizens are able to choose in which division they want to fight in the Battlefield interface.

Maverick pack and Maverick Pack Booster

Using the Maverick pack or the Maverick Pack Booster a citizen is able to choose any of the four ground divisions.

Old division clasification

Before Day 2,282 the divisions were divided as in the following table:

Division Name Type Experience Level Required experience points
Icon division 1 blue.png National Guard Ground division 1 - 24 0
Icon division 2 blue.png Soldiers Ground division 25 - 29 5,000
Icon division 3 blue.png Special Forces Ground division 30 - 36 25,000
Icon division 4 blue.png Tanks Ground division 37+ 60,000

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