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Yellow Party

Party-Yellow Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation YP
Forum Forum link
Colors Yellow
Founded 16 November 2008
Dissolved 26 March 2009
President Lowell Kennedy
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds Power International Party
Succeeded By America First Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Yellow Party was a small political party in the USA. It was preceded by the Power International Party. It was succeeded by the America First Party. It had 71 members as of Day 440.


The Yellow Party sought to improve the lives of all citizens in eRepublik. The purpose of the Yellow Party can be summarized by its slogan Power through Wellness, Wellness through Unity, Unity through Yellow.

Political Platform


The Yellow Party allows members to influence and grow a political party and brand. The Yellow Party was an eRepublik-centered party with limited outside influences. That is to say, the platform, positions, and policies reflect the party's experience in eRepublik and nowhere else. Furthermore, the party believed in an efficient and transparent government. The government should be made up of active participants at all levels of government.


The Yellow Party believed that activity is the key to success in eRepublik. We offer the opportunity for increased involvement and thus activity if one chooses. The party's roots were in a small party and community. YP utilized forums to reinforce the idea of community within the party. YP believed that together, and only together, people would be able to succeed in their goals.


A central tenet of the Yellow Party platform was the party's position on wellness and employment. All Party members should be employed at fair salaries and should have achieved and can maintain high wellness. A Wellness Initiative has been started by the party leadership in order to benefit all party members. It was the belief of the Yellow Party that all members should be helped to high wellness. It was in the best interests of the country and the employers that members have high wellness. Workers and soldiers received very little benefit though. Members were expected to maintain their wellness but it should be those that benefit that help to bear the costs of increasing the levels of wellness. Therefore, it was the goal of the Yellow Party to increase every active member’s wellness to above 90 wellness. For the sake of the United States—especially its economic and military interests — there was a necessity of high wellness.

Foreign Affairs

The Yellow Party believed that war in eRepublik stimulates interest, activity, and the economy. In this sense, war is good. However, the party's views on the two types of war are more nuanced. Independence wars are worthy of the party's support because of two reasons: first, the aforementioned reasons of interest, activity, and the economy, and second, they allow for the self-determination of people. Wars between countries can provide stimulation but may also upset the balance of power in the world. The party should be careful in regards to the latter form and not declare unilaterally its support for all wars.

Leadership Organization

The party leadership board served the various functions of the party. The terms are concurrent with those of the party president. Following is the last known leadership.

President Lowell Kennedy
Chief of Staff Robert Zimmerman
Vice President Kid A
Treasurer baus88
Recruiting Director smallwins
Wellness / Labor Director istarlan
Military / Foreign Affairs Director Vacant
Inter-Party Liaison Vacant


Following the election of Lowell Kennedy, the Power International Party underwent a reformation, which included changing the name to the Yellow Party and featured the development of a party platform. When Kennedy was elected, there were nine party members. It briefly dipped to eight. By November 2008, however, membership had grown to over 40 members. In order to continue growth and establish activity, the development of party infrastructure started to take place. A basic executive board was established, featuring istarlan and Mercer as early party leaders. In addition, the party established a party forum to coincide with party infrastructure.

Kennedy was re-elected in December 2008 and sought to continue the growth of the party, which had grown to 65 members. He laid out a set of goals for the party during his second term. The most prominent feature of these goals was the establishment of a larger and more robust party executive board, which he termed Leadership Board 2.0. The board saw increased power and responsibility as tasks were delegated. Veteran members istarlan and baus88 served as Wellness Director and Treasurer, respectively. Younger members also featured in leadership positions, with Robert Zimmerman serving as Chief of Staff, Kid A as Vice President, and smallwins replacing Mercer as Recruitment Director. Additionally, the Yellow Party ran its first Congressional candidate under the USWP banner. Kid A was successfully elected as the first Yellow Party Congressman, representing Minnesota. On 3 January, a new party forum was unveiled with expanded discussion topics to accommodate the growing party's discourse.

A third mandate was given to Kennedy as the party entered 2009 with over 70 members. The Yellow Party's two-month period of growth was halted with the announcement of Kennedy's resignation on 28 January due to personal reasons. Former Recruitment Director Mercer was appointed by Kennedy to serve out the remainder of his term as Acting Party President. In the build-up to the February 2009 party elections, Mercer called for renewed member participation to debate the creation of a party charter and a new leadership structure, termed Leadership Board 3.0.

Party Presidents

  • Yellow Party Presidents
President Took office Left office Terms
baus88 8 March 2009 15 March 2009 0.5
Mercer 28 January 20091 8 March 2009 1.5
Lowell Kennedy 16 November 2008 28 January 20091 3

1 Mercer became Acting Party President during the latter portion of Lowell Kennedy's third term.

Members of Congress

Congress Member Took office Left office State Terms
Kid A 25 December 2008 24 January 2009 Minnesota 1