Andres Blanco

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Andres Blanco

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Nationality Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombian
National rank 10
Date of birth 23.09.2008 - Day 308
Residence Caribe e Insular, Colombia
Sex Male
Congressman of Colombia
26 October 2009 – 25 November 2009
Party president of Alternativa
Rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal

Born in Day 308 of the New World. Andres began his life in Manitoba, Canada, then lived for a while in Germany, facing, unfortunately, the Operation Burning Spirit.

When Colombia got into the game, he established there. In October 25th, won a seat in the colombian Congress, after running for Alternativa, a colombian party of which he's been president ad hoc whenever it's been necesary. Currently, he's out of the political activity.


  • Andres Blanco is currently employed by Armas de Libertad
  • Andres Blanco has currently earnt 8 Hard Worker Achievements.


  • Andres Blanco has achieved a military rank of Field Marshal.
  • Andres Blanco has earnt 3 Super Soldier badges.


  • Andres Blanco is a member of Alternativa, a Colombian Political party.
  • Andres Blanco has represented Colombian congress on one occasion in the past.
  • Andres Blanco has also been Party president of Alternativa on occasion.



Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 8x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 1x Congress member.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 3x Super Soldier.