Britain's Advancement Party

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Britain's Advancement Party

Party-Britain's Advancement Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation BAP
Colors Red, Pink
Founded March 2009
Dissolved  ?
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Scottish Labour
Succeeded By Bob's Patriots
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Britain's Advancement Party (BAP) was a far-right, authoritarian party in the United Kingdom. Formerly the Scottish Labour Party, when Leo Ruby took power as party president he changed their platform, name, and alignment in order to increase membership, which seems to be working since for the first time in a while, they are gaining new members. The platform and alignment was altered yet again after the victory of Vercato in April 2009.

Congress Controversy

Shortly after the first draft of the BAP manifesto was published, which stated that the BAP would send congress candidates to parties so they could run, Soultrader made a forum post entitled "BAP's devious plan", based on the assumption that BAP was going to send BAP members to parties against the parties will. The party was severely battered by many senior politicians and UK citizens, although Iain Keers, IndieKid, and Malta_1990 put up a defense for the party.

Alliance with The Unity Party

Grateful for his defence of the BAP, Leo Ruby befriended TUP president Iain Keers, and the Unity Party-Advancement Party Accord was born - agreement between TUP President Iain Keers and BAP President Leo Ruby to stand BAP candidates under the Unity Party banner.

The BAP had one congressman, Leo Ruby. However, after the election of Vercato Leo moved to the Unity Party.

April 2009 Leadership Elections

Vecado was the only party member to put himself forward for the leadership in April 2009, subsequently automatically winning the position. He changed the party completely, adopting a right wing authoritarian stance. Many members left the party in protest, including Leo Ruby himself.

Relationship with the America's Advancement Party

The BAP was a sister party to America's Advancement Party, of which Leo Ruby was formerly a member. After the ideological change this is no longer the case.

Britain's Advancement Party Manifesto

Note, this Manifesto was created when the BAP was a left-libertarian party and is now out of date

I. Military
a. Funding
The BAP supports military funding and supplying of gifts and weapons in order to better equip our soldiers; while this may cost more, the increased damage from our soldiers and health of our citizens makes up for it.
b. War
The BAP will not support any war that is declared solely for the purpose of imperialism, opposing alliances, or "fun." We do support having MPPs with friendly nations, though, and due to the vulnerability of several nations, this will give us a chance to fight while remaining morally superior.

II. Health care
We fully support the National Health Service (NHS), and like the funded army, believe that it's cost is made up for by the increased productivity of our citizens, and readiness in times of war.

III. State-run companies
We support the creation and continued running of state run companies for new citizens, so that business owners do not have to hire unskilled workers, as well as when their are not jobs on the market.

We believe that the UK needs to take a strong stand in ATLANTIS, and that all rules must be followed to the tee. Any nation that breaks these rules must face the FULL penalty for breaking them, or the alliance is worthless.

V. Cordial Discourse
The BAP is not a party for all people; we are leftists, socialist, liberal, social democrats, and people who like eye-shattering pink fonts. But this does not mean we will not work with people who disagree with us; indeed, this is the only way we will get things done. We support argument and debate in order to reach intelligent decisions, but the moment that an argument turns into personal attacks, then it becomes invalid.