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United Kingdom
Flag of United Kingdom   Coat of Arms of United Kingdom

On the map

Food bonus 20%
Weapon bonus 60%

Map of United Kingdom

Last update August 6th, 2014


The United Kingdom (commonly known as the UK) is a twelve region nation bordering eight other states, this unusually large number of borders historically made the UK a key strategic crossroads between Europe and North America.

The resource distribution has left the eUK with a regular Weapons bonus of 60% and a food bonus of 40%.

The presence of Oil has seen the UK become a regular sparring partner with Canada who seeks to grab that resource for itself whenever the UK finds itself distracted by an invasion from a larger nation or during its periodic wars with Ireland or occasional raids from France.

The UK has been part of many military alliances, recently becoming part of the SIRIUS military alliance as approved by a national referendum in July 2014.

Due to current occupation of neighboring nations the eUK is currently bordered by Poland, Chile, Germany in place of Netherlands, Belgium, France & Denmark

Region Resources National Borders
London Icon - Aluminum.png NONE
East Midlands Icon - Oil.png NONE
East of England Icon - Oil.png Netherlands&Belgium
North East of England Icon - Fish.png Denmark
North West of England Icon - Iron.png NONE
Northern Ireland Icon - Sand.png Ireland
Region Resources National Border
Scotland Icon - Cattle.png Denmark,Norway&Canada
South East of England Icon - Cattle.png France
South West of England Icon - Fish.png USA,Canada&France
Wales Icon - Iron.png USA,Canada&Ireland
West Midlands Icon - Iron.png NONE
Yorkshire & Humberside Icon - Fish.png NONE


In its natural state the eUK elects 40 congressmembers per month to serve in the congressional body and like many nations its Country President is seen as the focal point of that nation for all political activity and Foreign contacts

Prime Minister

The Country President of the eUnited Kingdom is the head of the eUK Government, he or she appoints and manages the Ministers who perform the day-to-day administration of the country.

The current Country President is WayneKerr of WRP who is serving his first term in office.

National Government

Seal Position Name Newspaper Private Newspaper
Seal of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.png President WayneKerr Prime Minister's Office Fear and Loathing
Seal of the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.png Prime Minister Aleksandar.V Popovic [NONE] THE DAILY BRITISH
Seal of the Minister of Defence.png Ministers of Defence FragUK MoD News [NONE]
Seal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.png Minister of Foreign Affairs N W G UK Foreign Office A Simple Story
Seal of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.png Governor ArgoFookYourself Bank of England News Generic Title
Seal of the Ministry of Information and Education.png Minister of Education ApronChef [NONE] Atlas News

The eUK on occasion also has a number of governmental roles that are not represented in-game.

Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) - eUK Home Office News

Speaker of the House - TBA


Aside from a small interlude of 3 months from the December 2011 to March 2012 when the eUK was under occupation the UK congress has normally consisted of 40 elected members.

As well as voting on in game proposals, the UK Parliament discusses sensitive issues and votes on proposals using either forum or in-game messaging systems.

eUK Political Parties

Logo Party Name Abbreviation Party President National Ranking Congressmembers
Party-Workers Rights Party.png WRP WRP Huey George 4 10
Party-UK Progression Party.png UKPP UKPP Sir Reginald Marrowbum 2 9
Party-The Unity Party.png The Unity Party TUP Madelina 1 8
Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UK Reform Party UKRP WookieO 3 6
PCP-Logo.gif PCP PCP Calross 5 6


The UK tax system encourages maximum productivity in the companies which supply it to lower prices, increase exports and raise tax revenue.

Products which the UK can produce at optimal productivity have a low local tax and high import tax, while products which the UK cannot produce with high productivity have a high local tax and low import tax.

Product Work Tax Income Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food - 2% 1% 10%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 2% 8% 1%
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 2% 2% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 2% 99% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material -
Product Work Tax Income Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets - - 1% 1%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses -
Icon Hospital Q3.png Hospitals - 1% 1%
Icon Defense system Q3.png Defense system - 1% 1%


Currently, the Military is made up of any eUK, privately funded and commanded MU's.



The UK community offers a variety of forums and IRC channels for eUK users. The Kumnaa founded, eUK forum historically housed the executive and congressional branches of the government but has lately fallen into disuse.

The Rizon IRC network has channels for all Political parties, Military Units and other miscellaneous channels including the most widely used national channel #euk.

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