Bulgarian Communist Party (2011)

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Bulgarian Communist Party

General Information
Country Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Abbreviation BCP
National rank 11
Website (Dead link)
Newspaper Mila Rodino(Dissolved)
Colors Red, Yellow
Founded July 2011
Dissolved Febuary 2012
President Hashspy
Members 40
Congress Occupancy 2.5% (De facto, during existance)
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

The Bulgarian Communist Party is a historical political party in Bulgaria. It began as the Bulgarian Socialist Party, proceeded through Bulgarian Reform Movement and Paramilitary party, before being formed into the Bulgarian Communist party. It was shortly called the Anti-Bombowee party, an exiled member, before returning to the Bulgarian Communist Party.

It is led by the General Secretary, within the Secretariat being the leadership of the party, with the General Secretary's mandate being infinite. However, the Party President remains an administrator of the party, with the party congress as a consultative body, which itself dosen't hold power or authority.

Relations with other parties

The Bulgarian Communist party has a cooperation agreement with the Communist Party of e-Greece. It has an international wing in Albania, the Partia Komuniste e Shqiperise, founded under the BCP's internationalist socialist movement, supported by a left-wing Albanian Community and the now defunct Albanian Communist Party. It also had a cooperation agreement with United Bulgaria, but this agreement was cancelled on United Bulgaria's side, after the BCP proposed a dissolution of the Bulgarian Constitution. Later on, it established a cooperation with the popular Bulgarian party ZVENO and migrated into it, helping it to achieve its goals. It declared that it would soon cease to exist, as it would be formed into the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

The Anti-Bombowee Party

On October 28th, Hashspy, the party president officially declared that the party would be temporairly named the "Anti-Bombowee Party", after a series of scandals, brought on by said player, who used the party. The decree expired on 29th October, 2011.

Internal Struggles

During its existance, perticularly the months of August and September, the party was not stable and was divided into two factions. The Communist "Pro-Hashspy faction" and the rightist "Anti-Hashspy faction". Hashspy lost to his opposition during the month of August, which is when he formed the "Pro-Hashspy faction", in the month of September, after his "faction" grew considerably, he agreed to let Podliq Armenec, a Pro-Communist member and key founder of the Pro-Hashspy, be Party President for the month of September. In October, Hashspy reassumed leadership of the party, thus ending the factionalism.

November PTO attempts

During the month of November, two parties tried to do a political take over of the Bulgarian Communist Party. First was Bombowee, a member who is banned from a party, though he later withdrew his attempt, due to media backlash. The second one, a pro-fascist group led by StrummanIVI, succeeded in winning the election, although, at that point, Hashspy, the general-secretary condemed the candidate and dissmissed the election, stating that the Bulgarian Communist Party and the resulting party from the elections are now seperate and appointed Pescho to the post of Party President using a decree. The party has since then established a living in exile, though is still legitimised. The actual party within erepublik fell to the PTO, but the playerbase established a player-run party, outside of it, continuing Hashspy's regime.

Partisan activity

During the month of November, right after the party elections, a partisan military organization opened within the BCP. Its goals were spreading internationalist socialism. Their fisrt move came in Albania, where they sent three partisans to establish a socialist order. They thus founded the Albanian Communist Party. The goal was, that the BCP's Socialist Alliance be signed within the socialist nations and hence, a USSR established. Unfortunatley, the person selected to be the party president was banned for multiple accounts and the party fell out. In the same day they established a second party, the Party of Albanian Labor, headed by a second agent. However, as the third agent fell with inactivity, the PAL fell short of a single congress vote to get the second agent into congress, hence foiling the entire plan. However, as the leader of this movement, Hashspy, entered in Bulgarian congress, he has claimed that partisan activity will arise in other nations.

Party Congress

With Hashspy's decree, a new system - party congresses was established. In it, party members could get to know the upper workings better, suggest courses of action and give advise to the General Secretary, while delegates from other parties could also join in, to boost relations. While the party congresses have no real power or authority, they helped boost the party's organization.

The Secretariat and General Secretary

The official seal of the General Secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party
The official seal of the General Secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

During his October-November mandate, Hashpy decided to reinsure his ruling of the party, by decreeing a reform. He made a new post, General Secretary and granted himself the office. The General Secretary has unlimited control over the party policy, is able to negotiate with other parties, can call the party congress, use the media on behalf of the party, appoint the party president and condemn election candidates. Election candidate condemnation is a ceremonial decree, that when issued calls that nobody vote for said candidate in the election, at least, who still remain loyal to the general secretary. The General Secretary is termed the "Official ruler and representative of the Bulgarian Communist Party". His mandate lasts until he resigns or dies. Hashspy was the only person to ever hold the office, which he did from November 2011 to the dissolution of the party in Febuary 2012.

The Party President

As a standard erepublik mechanic, the Party president was responsible for the Party name and avatar, he also has some of the General Secretary's powers, in the GS's absense.

After the November split, the Party President mechanic changed. During times of activity of the General Secretary, the Party President was but a powerless figurehead, under the General Secretary's control, but during his absense, was the highest authority of the party, hence being like a vice president.

After the November split, party elections are no longer held and the Party President is appointed by the General Secretary's decree, for a mandate predefined by the General Secretary.

Hashspy said this mechanic would continue, until the party decides to go back to its old ways. This, however, never happened, as the regime continued until the Party's eventual dissolution.

Position in the Government and Movement to Reform

During November, the Party gained a lot of activity. The party's General Secretary was elected into Bulgarian Congress, supported by a treaty with United Bulgaria, a treaty, which was cancelled a few days later on UB's side.

The movement to reform started immediatley, with eveyone aching to help Hashspy swing the country left. This began with his attempt to dissolve the Bulgarian Constitution. The proposal however failed, due to less than 50% voting activity. The proposed constitution would have vastly expanded the President's powers, limited the market, controlled opposition and brought leftist ideas into Bulgaria, where able. It would have also given Hashspy a honorary title and his Party a permanent place in Bulgarian Politics.

After this attempt, UB totally split from the BCP and a coalition formed against the Communist Party.

Hashspy managed to rally public support for his reforms once again, only to be branded a populist by his opposition. The party has since then tried to find alternative ways to put the pressure on the congress to pass the bill, but has failed.

Shortly after, Hashspy candidated himself for the post of Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly, his changes denied due to him not fitting the requierments and not recieving enough votes. He critisized the elections, stating that none of his opposition formally candidated, leading to political instability and a rift in Bulgarian parliament.

Eventually the groups met in a public chat and decided upon a moderate course of action, as not to lead Bulgaria into despair. Hashspy then went forward to help other parties push for citizenship and stability reforms, which he supported. He tried to gather enough support for a second bill passing, but was unsure of weather it would be worth the risk. The Party eventually decided to go more slowly. It has then dedicated itself to prese rving political stability and tuning out and internationalist foreign policy in Bulgaria and has for the most part - succeeded in this endeavor.

Hashspy claimed he will not perticipate in the next elections, due to too little support from other Party Presidents, considering it a waste of time and resources, claiming that "Communism can only be achieved via the partisan method" and increased funding for the BCP's partisan wing, using his own resources.

From then on, he moved to a more moderate position within the congress, supporting other parties projects, so as to get the support of as much people as possible.

Hashspy was awarded "Most active congressman of November-December", however, he did not candidate repeatedly, so he can form the Soviet Union in Albania, a popular plan, which led many voluenteers to join the ranks of the partisans.

Dissolution and legacy

The Party was dissolved by Hashspy's decree in Febuary 2012, so as to allow the concentration of all resources and manpower on the international partisans.

Following several repeated months at Communism at Albania, even though the plan gained popular support both in Bulgaria and Albania ultimatley failed, due to Albania's disability to keep regions for long enough, hence leading to the eventual end of the operation. At the end, a lot of gold was wasted and the team was with low morale, so more than half of its members were let off, so as to allow for the future plans.

During March, the new plan started to take shape, in it, the members were funded to go to a country of their liking and settle down, obeying all local laws and ordinances and start regular eCitizen lives, eventually leading to political and/or military careers, which would allow for wide support from the local populace and not put the members at arms with anyone. The end goal was to aid EDEN and TERRA, whilist pushing for leftist-oriented reforms.

The Order of Dissolution, marking the end for the Party and its movements.
The Order of Dissolution, marking the end for the Party and its movements.

The plan was met with wide success, as many members settled down in countries and chose their career paths, all of which were accepted both by the local people and the government and all currently live noram eCitizen lives in their new eCountries, however still pool resources in the struggle for pro-social reform.

Hashpy reassured foreign representatives, that his poses no threat to established institutions and is NOT a plan for a political takeover (PTO) and those guarantees were welcomed, although not wideley known.

Due to the plan's popularity, total openess on both sides was achieved and the members started individually recruiting from their new living spaces to help in whatever Political Party or Military Unit they were in.

Even so, some partisans have reestablished friendly contacts back in Bulgaria and live active political lives, sponsored by leading parties, due to their active nature.

Hashspy declared his support for Turkey's application in EDEN and called for an MPP to be signed with Turkey. However, as Bulgarian aggression on Turkey racked up and the entire EDEN was destabilized, Hashspy took a controversial step by critisizing Bulgarian government and foreign policy, as well as boycotting the Bulgarian attacks on Turkey. Hostility ever so increased, creating a drift in the entire system, another setback for the organization, as some members backed Bulgaria in this dispute. Hashspy then decided to leave the country and dissolve what is left of the organization, due to it becoming virtually obsolete in the Bulgarian-Turkish split, since members had very different views on the subject. However, he still maintained relations with some of the original members and is sponsoring worldwide Communist parties.

After Bulgaria left EDEN, Hashspy remained loyal to the alliance and immigrated to start a new life in Canada, with all party organizations dissolved at this point.

In May, an ex-party member proposed that the party be re-made and Hashspy reestablished as General-Secretary, but this was never done due to financial constraints and Bulgaria's new alliance.

In June, several ex-party members got togeather and deposed Bulgarian ex-President SturmmannIYI for a second time, due to his illegal activites, after which they started a propaganda campaign against the Bulgarian National Front.


Pro-Hashspy/Communist members are in light green, Anti-Hashspy members are in yellow and Neutral/Other members are in light blue.

Icon position party president.gif Party President Mandate
1.Hashspy July 2011 - 15 August 2011
2.Velislav Djambazov 15 August 2011 - 15 September 2011
3.Podliq Armenec 15 September 2011 - 15 October 2011
4.Hashspy 15 October 2011 - 15 November 2011
5.Pescho (Appointed) 15 November 2011 - Post abolished
Icon position country president.gif General Secretary Mandate
1.Hashspy November 5th - Post abolished

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