Canadian Empire Party

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Canadian Empire Party

Party-Canadian Empire Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation CEP
Forum Forum link
Colors Red, White
Founded January 2009
Dissolved August 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds The Canadian Progressive Front
Succeeded By The Canadian Progressive Front
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Canadian Empire Party was a military reform party, created by Canadian politician Augustus Baldwin. The party was previously called the Canadian Progressive Front (named so by Banach). Its focus was on the military, but the economy was also an important factor, and one of its main goals was to make Canada a powerful nation, not only in ATLANTIS, but also the world.

A History of the Canadian Empire Party

Early days

During the time of the ATLANTIS invasion of France, Prime Ministers of the Canadian Social Democrats had long been responsible for running the country. Two Canadians, Augustus Baldwin and Bruck, the General in command of the CAF at the time) did not see the socialist members fit to lead the country in war, and sought to create a true war party. The only real right-wing party, the Canadian Progressive Front (originally called The Norsefire Party of Canada) was losing the strength and backing it once had. Seeing an opportunity, Augustus Baldwin and Bruck successfully took command of the CPF, taking the positions of a Party president and Vice Party president.

After the takeover, the Canadian Progressive Front was renamed the Canadian Empire Party and quickly rose from being the fourth largest party in eCanada to the second largest. Vice Party president Bruck soon ran for Country President, which he did so unsuccessfully. Fortunately, it appeared to many Canadians that the CSD might always be in power, and as a result, many flocked to the alternative that was the Canadian Empire Party. This led to a rise in popularity for the party, where Bruck was elected as Party president. He ran for the position of CP again, with more success than his previous attempt. He would hold office for three consecutive terms, all the while maintaining the position of PP.

During the Canadian Empire Party's prime, much was accomplished. Military prosperity skyrocketed, an army reform leads to an increase in its ranks, and training wars were started in a time when battles were very rare in Canada and the economy showed the worse for it. However, after three consecutive terms in office Bruck chose retirement and gave up the responsibility of leading the party, and the CEP soon began a slow decline. After being under the leadership of neglectful leaders, the Canadian Empire Party no longer had the power or influence it had once maintained.

Following the Invasion of North America and the Battle for Ontario, the party was moved to France after the occupation and remained there. The last Party president of the CEP then re-created the CPF, taking many of the CEP members with him. This event signified the last days of the old Canadian Empire Party, as the party name would not be heard of for another six months.

Present-day Canadian Empire Party

In December of 2009, Bruck invited Kilgore Trout 89 to help him in the formation of a party that would show military-oriented, nationalist qualities often found in armies or paramilitary organizations. It would be called the Canadian Advancement Party, and would very much resemble the Canadian Empire Party of old. However the few members it initially had didn't have enough time to dedicate to the growth of the party, and as a result, activity remained sporadic.

After three months of a stagnate growth and activity, an eager and willing young gun named Octavian_F joined the party. His ideas were often considered radical and almost always controversial, but he gave the party a direction and could devote the time to leading the party there. He was elected as Party president and with it, the party saw unprecedented growth and activity. With Bruck's permission to use the name, he renamed the party as the Canadian Empire Party.

However, due to negative reactions by the public towards his platform and personal attacks on him by certain influential Canadians, the party entered a period of bad publicity. Octavian accused Craig Norman, another newcomer to the party, of attempting a political takeover and had him 'arrested'. This caused a loss of support for Octavian, as increased attacks on him made it clear that many Canadians didn't like him. When Octavian ran for Country President and released a platform that was not only seen as ridiculous, but economically damaging to the country if it went into effect. The Privy Council (a few members of the party granted certain privileges and power) saw that Octavian was damaging the public image of the party and they had him removed from office and temporarily gave the position of PP to Kilgore Trout 89, until elections could be held for a new PP.

After his removal, Octavian went MIA as real life took precedence over eRepublik and the CEP. The CEP held elections, where Craig Norman and Kilgore Trout 89 ran for the position of PP. In the end, Craig dropped out of the race, giving his endorsement for Kilgore as PP. Kilgore was easily elected and made Craig Vice Party president.

Under Kilgore's leadership, the Canadian Empire Party still struggled with membership growth for most of the term, but made huge gains elsewhere. The Imperial Accord was created, a congressman was elected, a Media Committee was set up, and the Reiksguard saw growth and helped in several recruitment drives. By the end of his term, the party saw a huge membership increase.

While the going was getting good in some areas, in other areas the CEP looked just as poorly as always. Octavian returned, and in an attempt to regain the support of party members, made a separate push for recruitment than the Reiksguard. He made the wise decision of not running for Country President after his previous failure, and instead opted to run for Party president against Kilgore Trout 89 and Craig Norman. Craig, who was often questioned for being in a right-wing political party when he was a liberal, had gained the respect of the Canadians by writing a series of articles of ideas for a better Canada. After Octavian's 'arrest' of Craig Norman, tensions between the two rose dramatically. By the end of Kilgore's term, there were full-blown arguments and trolling in full view of the public. Craig had not been very fulfilling in his role as Vice Party president, and his candidacy for Party president was further questioned after he released pieces of private party discussion in an article critiquing the other two candidates of the CEP. The party was fighting amongst themselves when Bruck announced that he would be running for PP. Octavian and Kilgore quickly withdrew from the race, placing their support behind Bruck. Only Craig Norman ran against the well-known former-prime minister Bruck, who was also the commander and founder of the The Crimson Order, a paramilitary organization originating in Canada but with branches in other EDEN countries.

Bruck won the elections and as Party president, his first actions were to banish Craig Norman and Octavian_F from the party, who not only caused bad publicity but were also a source for disunity in the party. The party now sees huge growth in membership and can now safely hope to get the Canadian Empire Party into the top five parties of Canada, where they can run their own candidates for Congress and gain political power.