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Chapter 1 - principles and aims

Article 1 - aims

  1. Brazil, Paraguay, México, Spain and Chile sign pact in order to ensure their territorial independence, economic profit and provide better cooperation between them. This pact does not prohibit the country participants (known later as fellow nations) to participate in alliances of some form. Its aim is only to strengthen the mutual friendship between the fellow nations.
  2. This pact will have as goal the freedom of the countries of America that follows the good path. This pact will be called ROLA - “Resistencia Organizada por la Liberación de América”. It will assure the freedom of every American country that accept the straight values of the signatories of this pact and the signatories will punish every country that takes the wrong way.

Article 2 - principles

  1. Democracy: Fellow nations have the right to equal voice and participation within the pact.
  2. Sovereignty: Fellow nations have the right to control of all their core regions. Any attack on a fellow nation, unless agreed to be leased or relinquished, shall be regarded as an act of aggression, and every fellow nation has to make effort to repel the aggressor. Territorial and political independence of the fellow nations is guaranteed.
  3. Cooperation: All fellow nations will coordinate to ensure their safety. Help has to be lended if requested by a fellow nation in need. Trade and economic co-ordination between the fellow nations is encouraged.

Chapter 2 - Admission

  1. Any country, regardless of its military strength, population or geographical position can join the pact, if agrees to submit under the principles and obligations of this pact.
  2. The country that wishes to join has to make official request to join the pact via its country official representatives
  3. Acceptance is granted by unanimous vote by the presidents of the fellow nations.
  4. The country candidate has to hold voting in its congress for making the request and it has to be accepted with majority of 66%
  5. If accepted, the country shall receive equal rights and privileges as the other fellow countries

Chapter 3 - Strategic council

A. The Strategic Council is the supreme military and political body
Each fellow nation shall have one vote each.
The Strategic Council consists of all presidents, MoDs and MoFas of the fellow nations
The Strategic Council may appoint representative in affairs with non-fellow nation
If unavailable, Country president can appoint his representative
B. The Strategic Council addresses the following issues:
The declaration of wars and signing of peace treaties with countries;
The engagement of the regular armed forces in military operations
Acceptance and suspension of participants

Chapter 4 - Fellow nation

  1. Fellow nations by this pact are Brazil, Paraguay, México, Spain and Chile.
  2. A fellow nation has the obligation to follow the principles and duties of this pact
  3. A fellow nation is required to share all important information with the others and inform them for any diplomatic moves it makes towards outside nations.
  4. No fellow nation may commence aggressive military or economical behaviour towards another
  5. No fellow nation should be engaged in diplomatic activities that harm other participants directly or their long-term goals.
  6. If fellow nation does not meet its obligations and does not follow the principles by this pact, voting for suspension of this nation can be enacted upon request of any of the pact participants
  7. A vote for suspension of participant is considered successful and effective, if approved by a 66% majority of CPs votes.

Chapter 5 - Amendments

Amendments can be done by unanimous vote by the presidents of the fellow nations

Chapter 6- Official Document

The official version will be the english version

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