Die Steinmetze

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Die Steinmetze

Party-Die Steinmetze.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Abbreviation DSM
Colors Black, White
Founded 15th February 2010
President Ban Danna
Members 119
Congress Occupancy 8 (22%)
Orientation Center
Ideology Totalitarian

Die Steinmetze (English: The Stonecutters) is the second largest political party in Germany. It currently has 8 seats out of the 36 in Congress, totalling 22%.

For a full history of the party please visit our History Page

Election Status

Icon position party president.gif Party President

Wonnedsm.jpg Wonne March 2012
Party-Die Steinmetze.jpg Past Party Presidents February 2010 - Present

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

Bg-employee.gif Bg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gif 8 (22%)
Party-Die Steinmetze.jpg Congress Members March 2012

Icon position politics president.gif Country President

Party-Die Steinmetze.jpg Past Presidents February 2010 - Present


Die Steinmetze has always been a key part of the German Government. It has shaped the country right from the very start and helped it prosper throughout the nations history, producing a significant amount of Presidents, Ministers and Congress Members.


There are currently seven Die Steinmetze cabinet members including the current country president KTTRS.

Coat-Germany.png Current DSM Cabinet Members
KTTRS.jpg Aniisha Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Kttrsdsm.jpg KTTRS Country President
Bandannadsm.jpg Ban Danna Ministry of Interior
Wonnedsm.jpg Wonne Ministry of Information
KTTRS.jpg Zware Shag Ministry of Information
KTTRS.jpg Jul1c4sh Ministry of Defence
KTTRS.jpg Freiheitskämpfer Ministry of Defence

Congress Members

There are currently eight Die Steinmetze Congress Members.

Icon - Congress.jpg Current DSM Congress Members
KTTRS.jpg Aniisha 2nd Time
KTTRS.jpg LeRooy 2nd Time
KTTRS.jpg Mattisk 4th Time
KTTRS.jpg Snooker2k 5th Time
KTTRS.jpg Salidor Godsbane 23rd Time
Wonnedsm.jpg Wonne 9th Time
KTTRS.jpg FossiFoo 3rd Time
Bandannadsm.jpg Ban Danna 7th Time