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eUK Telegraph

EUKTelegraph logo.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Owner CV James
Founded April 15, 2008
Articles 83
Content Political

eUK Telegraph is a newspaper in the United Kingdom. In June 2009 it was the 13th most subscribed newspaper in the UK (out of more than 2400 newspapers) and was the third most subscribed newspaper in the Northern Ireland (Belfast) region of the UK at the introduction of V1. It hold The Economist Award for "Best Political Commentary Newspaper".


Previously called the eUk Republican, it was renamed after its takeover by CV James in August 2008. Since then it has dramatically increased its views, from 0 in July, to over 300 in the first week of September 2008 alone.

After the takeover and reformation of The Great Britain Party after the September 10th party president elections, eUK Telegraph came out in support of the new party, renamed the People's Zeteticist Party, and then its predecessor, the Movement for Democratic Unity.

On December 16th, 2008 an article entitled "French President asks for Cease Fire" attracted wide publicity and became the newspaper's highest voted article, reaching the #2 on the most voted page with over 80 votes. A few weeks later, Another article entitled Foul play in Russia's elections also received over 80 votes.

On 13th April, 2009 CV James announced he was stepping down from forefront politics in order to concentrate more on eUK Telegraph. Later that month, the newspaper won The Economist Journalism Award for "Britain's Best Political Commentary Newspaper". The Economist said of eUK Telegraph "it is a good piece of fairly unbiased political journalism. Although there are a lot of papers which time to time write political commentary, we appreciate that CV James has retired from politics to write a political column and appreciate the good work he does in the field".


It was also announced in April that advertising would commence in the paper, and on 25th April, an article called PEACE Coup in Malaysia or Long-term Investment contained the paper's first sponsorship.


The newspaper was known for its formal, traditional style of reporting and often features articles about events from all over eRepublik, and often published all over eRepublik in order to offer a different perspective on situations than is domestically offered.