Eire Aontaithe

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Eire Aontaithe

Party-Eire Aontaithe.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation EA
Forum [1]
Colors Orange, Green & White
Dissolved December 7, 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds The Irish Republican Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Eire Aontaithe was a center, libertarian political party existing in Ireland. Since its beginnings, Eire Aontaithe had sought to create a united Ireland; creating an environment for teamwork, cooperation, and ultimate success. The very name Eire Aontaithe translates into "Ireland United".


Eire Aontaithe was established as the predecessor of the Irish Republican Party by Wandering Rian, as was formally announced on day 819 in an article called "A new name, a step forward, a new beginning". [2]

In the first days of the new party, Wandering Rian openly told readers that he was not basing the party off of strong policy views. [3] The party was created with the intent of being an alternative to a political landscape which Wandering Rian described as "an elementary school playground". In the early days the parties core was a group of friends which Wandering Rian described as "...a professional comedian, a grunting guy from Michigan, a cute Romanian, a Greek Orthodox Priest, a soon-to-be doctor, and a schoolteacher." [4] The only policy statement that was initially made was that Eire Aontaithe would operate under open transparency, and not hide anything from the public.

History of Party Presidents

The last Party President of Eire Aontaithe was MrConwayTwitty who was elected by winning the November 2010 elections with 4 votes (100.00%). The party was dissolved during the December 7, 2010 wipe of Ireland by the UK.

Party Presidents
Month President Votes/%
February, 2010 Wandering Rian 20 / 66.67%
March, 2010 Desarae 39 / 92.86%
April, 2010 Wandering Rian 35 / 100.00%
May, 2010 Desarae 36 / 100.00%
June, 2010 Bristel Akina 22 / 100.00%
July, 2010 Connell Rath 22 / 100.00%
August, 2010 Connell Rath 10 / 100.00%
September, 2010 Connell Rath 18 / 90.00%
October, 2010 Commius 13 / 52.00%
November, 2010 MrConwayTwitty 4 / 100.00%


Connell Rath (October 2010)

In October 2010 Connell Rath won the election for Irish CP as a member of Eire Aontaithe.

  • During the October 2010 term, the Eire Aontaithe moved toward membership in EDEN and helped to cement a position of stability and security for Ireland.
  • Connell Rath's government accomplished all of the goals that it sought out for Ireland to make on day 1080.
    • This included the take over of Northern Ireland, a 10% GDP Increase, and a 5% increase in population.

Presidents of Ireland

Eire Aontaithe Ireland Presidents
Started Ended President Votes/%
October 6, 2010 November 5, 2010 Connell Rath 88 / 51.16%


Eire Aontaithe Forum [5]


Eire Aontaithe supports a capitalist economic model where all citizens are free to work and buy according to their own will.


Eire Aontaithe has a philosophy of national unity. The party is based off of the idea that individuals, companies, organizations, and parties should cooperate and work together to succeed.


Eire Aontaithe has traditionally set Northern Ireland as a general military goal, based on the belief that Northern Ireland is a territory of Ireland.