Herrn Sterling

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Herrn Sterling

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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
Date of birth 12 October 2009
Date of death May 2010
Residence Saarland
Sex Male
Newspaper Unheilig
Congress member of Vermont
26 November 2009 – 25 February 2010
Preceded by Aldric Harper
Congress member of Germany
March 2010 – April 2010
Military rank Icon rank Major***.png Major***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Herr Sterling, was mistakenly named Herrn Sterling, was born on Day 692 of the New World in the USA. On Day 699 of the New World, Herrn Sterling reached level 8 and was able to create his newspaper, Unheilig, after his favorite band.

On day 825, Herr Sterling moved to Germany.


Herr Sterling was relatively unknown in the beginning, as are most citizens, but he credits his newspaper for his recognition. His third article, "What about the US?", gained popularity with a total of 351 views and landed Herr Sterling two official government jobs. One as an Immigration Enforcement Agent (IEA) in the Citizenship Task Force (CTF) and the other as the US Ambassador to Germany. He credits mjdiv with these two positions.

Citizenship Task Force

This was the first place Herr Sterling ever worked in the New World besides the official "in game" companies. Many congressmen and women should be familiar with this program already but it is the job of CTF to help make sure that the wrong people do not gain US citizenship by doing background checks on all citizenship requests. He is a former Immigration Enforcement Agent (IEA), Deputy Director, and Director of the CTF. Shortly before he retired, the CTF experienced some major changes, which included being put into a new organization known as the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN), which oversaw the CTF and a new committee called the Immigration Enforcement Subcommittee (IES). IES is a designated group of congressmen who are given permission to accept citizenship requests approved by CTF. This helps ensure that only the people that are approved by CTF get access to the country.


USA Ambassador to Germany

Since he held this position, he worked daily to improve relations between the US and Germany. While there was no real aggression between nations, they were in opposing alliances with neither side willing to make amends at that time. Herrn become good friends with German president and many of its citizens and talked with them daily.

Congress member

Herrn has been in congress three times, elected by citizens of Vermont. Being in congress is very time-consuming. You are expected to be active on the forums and participate in most, if not all voting. Most of the stuff that happens in congress usually becomes public knowledge soon after, so there is no need to explain most of that. Congressmen propose stuff and if they get enough people to approve it, then it can move on to a vote. However the vote goes depends on how the bill goes. If it passes, it is written into law; if it fails, it may be abandoned or may be revised to be put up for a vote again. Herrn Sterling credits Rheinlander von Phalz with "jump-starting" his political career.


He joined the Training Corps (TC) and graduated within 36 hours with honors. He then moved to reserves with an ambition to stay with the TC and since he was in congress, and he was unable to move out of the country and fortunately, he was able to stick with the TC and became an XO and very quickly moved onto CO. However on 15 February 2010, Herrn requested an honorable discharge from the military in order to focus my attention on my political career. Credit goes to Gannonus for encouraging Herrn Sterling to join the US Military.

America's Advancement Party

He was a long standing member of the America's Advancement Party and served as the Vice President of the largest party in the US during the January 15th Party President term under Emmanuel Cruise. On February 15th 2010, he ran against Aersidius for Party President but the polls closed with Herrn 87 votes behind.

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Hard Worker (x4)
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Congress Member (x4)
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Super Soldier (x1)