Hrvatska Vojska

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Hrvatska Vojska


General Information
Formation December 2008.
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Colors Red, white, blue
Total Soldiers 400
Commanded by Minister of Defence

Hrvatska Vojska is the official Croatian Army. It is under control of Croatian President and Minister of Defense (Ministar Obrane).

In Croatian Army there is 1 training unit Vatreni Gušteri, 7 brigades (regular army) and one elite squad ZDRUG.

Short history

Croatian Army was established in December 2008 after Croatians got their country. At the beginning there were only few brigades and one elite squad of company named ZDRUG which had the best Croatian soldiers.

As the time passed by, the number of companies increased, but in April 2009, around 20-30 soldiers that weren't happy with work system in Croatian Army, established paramilitary unit named HOS which had different system, but also fought for Croatia. The biggest difference between Croatian Army and HOS is that Army is financed from the Croatian treasury, while HOS is self-financed.

In the late fall of 2009, Croatian Army implemented a new unit named Vatreni Gušteri (Fire lizards). This unit was created as a training ground for young soldiers so thay can learn how to fight and develop their skills faster.

Since it was established, Croatian Army fought in every important battle in whole eRepublik world.


Croatian army is under control of Croatian President and Minister of Defense.

Chain of command

Minister of Defence
VG vMoD GB vMoD ZDRUG Commander
Vatreni Gušteri
Gardijske brigade
Young soldiers 1. GB Elite
3. GB
4. GB
5. GB
7. GB
9. GB
11. GB

Coat of arms

Vatreni Gušteri

Training unit for new players. For more information, check Fire Lizards.

Gardijske brigade

  • 1. Gardijska brigada - Military Unit - HV 1.GB Tigrovi
  • 3. Gardijska brigada
  • 4. Gardijska brigada
  • 5. Gardijska brigada
  • 7. Gardijska brigada - Military Unit - HV 7.GB Pume
  • 9. Gardijska brigada
  • 11. Gardijska brigada


Elite unit of HV. For more information, check ZDRUG

Other information

Official newspaper of Croatian Army is Hrvatski Vojnik.