Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino

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Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino

Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino.jpg

We fight for Philippines and allies. We are the military unit of the political party Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino

General Information
Formation January 4, 2012
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Total Soldiers 56
Commanded by Vincenzo Roque
2nd Commander Jelly9473
1st Regiment Captain kadayao
Part of Philippine United Military Agency

Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino (English: Patriotic Filipinos Army, abbreviated HMP), formerly the Ferocious eFilipinos, is the official military unit of Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino (KMP). It was started by December 2011 party president Jelly9473 during his term under its former name. It was during Aersidius' term as party president and military unit commander that he changed its name to its current name to make it sound a bit less silly and be more welcoming to RL Filipinos. Basically, it fights for ePhilippines and its allies.

List of Commanders

The Commanders of Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino
# Commander Start End
1 Citizen1479403.jpg Jelly9473 January 4, 2012 February ??, 2012
2 Citizen2076450.jpg Aersidius February ??, 2012 April 29, 2012
3 Citizen2285968.jpg Vincenzo Roque April 29, 2012 Present


At the eve of Day 1884, the Minister of Defense Al Raposas announced the creation of 6 government camps.[1] Around 22 hours after, he announced the auctioning of these camps.[2] With funding from the Bamboo Group of Companies, HMP bidded on 3 of these camps namely, Camp Aniceto Lacson in Visayas, Camp Ananias Diokno in Palawan and Camp Jose Nisperos in Mindanao. Fort Andres Novales in Luzon was bidded on by PINOY MOBSTERS. The auction ended with those who bid winning by default while the other two camps remained under the government's administration.[3] After getting the camps from the government, HMP arranged a deal with PINOY MOBSTERS exchanging Camp Lacson for Fort Novales which they then agreed on. HMP then renamed the camps to:

Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Maharlika (Manila, Luzon)
Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Timawa (Puerto Princesa, Palawan)
Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Magani (Davao, Mindanao)


  1. New camps to bolster our strength and morale!
  2. Camps to unite us all, bidding now open!
  3. Inauguration of the other MoD camps