Meet Your Makers

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Meet Your Makers

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation MYM
Colors Black & Orange
Founded May 2009
Dissolved  ?
President Rocco Granata
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Black Core
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Your Makers Are Here


Meet Your Makers was a political party in Romania promoting a new way of politics. The party was in close relations with GENERATION KILL, a mysterious military organization with its headquarters in Dobrogea, Romania.

The official motto of the MYM party is "Obey Your Master".


In may 2009 Rocco Granata and his friends made a successfully take over of the Russian Black Core party despite the strong opposition of the members. The new elected president changed the name to Meet Your Makers. Unfortunately, the members were forced to resign from the party because of an important take-over misssion in Slovakia. This eventually led to the suspension of the party (with the id 2304) because there was no other party member with more than 125 EP


We have the right attitude and the guts. We are the masters. We are the ones that created you.