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The National Prize is an award given my the United Kingdom Ministry of Legislative Affairs. It is held according to the National Prizes Act, which was passed on 16th May 2010. The prize is given once per month after public voting. The winner gets Flag-United Kingdom.jpg 150 GBP (Icon-gold.gif 3 GOLD in an earlier version of the act) and a title which can be shown on their Wiki page.


2 July 2010 amendment shown.


The National Prize is a prize given to a single subject of the eUK each month and is awarded to recognise significant contributions to the eUK community. The prize can be for any form of contribution and entitles the winner to an official title that can be displayed on their wiki page. A record of all winners and reasons for winning will be kept on a wiki page and a topic within the eUK Forums. The prize also entitles the winner to a 150 GBP payment for their good work. The National Prize will be run by the MoLA, uMoLA, or an equivalent position.


1. The process of choosing a winner will be as follows:
a. On the 10th of each month, a topic will be created to allow citizens to nominate subjects of the eUK for the award.
ai. Nominations will be open for 48 hours at which point the nominations will close and processed.
b. Once all nominations have been gathered they will be sorted and filtered to ensure that all nominations meet the requirements in part 2.
c. A poll will then be created containing all valid nominations. This poll will then be published with reasons for subjects nominations.
ci.The poll will allow all subjects of the eUK to vote once.
cii.The poll will be open for 48 before being closed to voting.
ciii. Nominees will only appear once on the poll.
d. The winner of the poll will be the nomination with the most votes at the end of the poll
e. The winner will then receive the Prize and money. Funds for which will be made available from the Treasury.

2. Nominees must:
a. Be a Subject of the eUK.
b. Be at least 90 days old in eAge.
c. Not have won a prize within the last 4 months.
d. Have a valid reason for being nominated.

Nominees and winners

June 2010

N Name V Reason
1 Kumnaa 23 For remaking the military hub and the rest of his work on
2 Horice G Fossil 10 For his entertaining articles.
3 Joachim von Bremen 5 For devising the Bremen Clubhouse (self-nomination).
Nice Guy Eddie 5 For the MoHA Hub, and the MoHA Mass Mailer.
5 jamesw 4 For Project inb4johnobrow.
Mr Woldy 4 For entertaining us all by trolling the BP.
Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar 4 For entertaining us all by trolling the BP.
8 Bob Boblo 3 For creating a haven for all spammers.
Roadrunnerspeed 3 For making the MoLA Citizen Application Testing System.

July 2010

N Name V Reason
1 Iain Keers 10 Because the mere mention of his name can cause bawwwwing.
2 Dishmcds 8 For consistently contributing in PD and the HoC, being a cool global mod, and for releasing recent articles that analyse the problems of V2.
3 Horice G Fossil 5 For his cultural input in the MoHA NNA department and his Historic times articles.
4 Tomazim 3 For his really different citizen awards prizes.
5 IndieKid 1 Just cause he's so god dam sexy ;_;.

August 2010

N Name V Reason
1 Artela 29 For founding TRD as well as becoming GSO of chapters and managing both amazingly well and doing a superb job of running the AAC.
1 Horice G Fossil 29 For his ability to find the funny side of any situation is a breath of fresh air and he does stuff for the military but I'm a little hazy on that. Also NNA and his tache.
3 EmeraldEye 7 For her amazing contribution to the Army.