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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Switzerland.jpg Swiss
National rank 113
Date of birth 739
Residence Romandie
Sex Penguin
Political party Swiss Freedom Party
Faith Renouilleist
President of Switzerland
June 5th –
Preceded by Becker&co
Vice president of Switzerland
April 5th – May 5th
Served under Arschmann
Preceded by Arschmann
Succeeded by Paul Proteus
Minister of Defense of Switzerland
July 16th 2010 – August 5th 2010
Served under Clifford Burns
Preceded by zRTx
Commander of Switzerland Armed Forces
May 10th, 2010 – May 30th, 2010
Preceded by PabloTortilla
Congressman of Romandie
August 25th, 2012 – September 25th, 2012
Military unit Swiss Guard
Position Gardist
Rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander

Penguin4512 was a Swiss president, journalist, military commander, and resistance leader. He did a lot of other stuff too, but they're not really important so we won't mention them. Instead, why don't you scroll down and look at all the wonderful things people have said about him?


 That penguin sure is sneaky.  
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 Penguin is an incredible person 
 Penguin4512 is blessed by the gods 
 I love Penguin 
 Penguin is a genius 
 Penguin is a hero 
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When ambushed by reporters, Penguin quickly dissolved into a nostalgic rant. Born in Switzerland during a time of political strife, Penguin witnessed the takeover of Switzerland by the Shaolin Monastery firsthand. He claims his first steps in the New World were tentative. When asked, he recalls that his first memories are of receiving free food from the eKitchen of DomiBoss, protesting the attempted impeachment against Swiss president nicktheh, and being a part of the anti-PTO attempt, known as Operation 501.

Sometime between being born and now he was president, we'll mention that again later.


Penguin quickly became an active member of the Swiss Democratic Party. After Switzerland was PTO'd in February, he published an article asking for international help.

Suddenly, Penguin went from a low-key journalist to the founder and a leader of The Swiss Resistance. In February, he won the majority of votes in The Swiss Primaries, but instead of running for president he chose to run as Vice-President under JNArno.

Penguin resisted the PTO of Switzerland for many months. Finally, in May, the candidacy was won by a Swiss nominee, Eleriel. However, Penguin was tired of infighting, and announced his resignation from politics.

Much later however, Penguin reappeared in Swiss politics during early September (Go figure). He soon announced his intentions to run for president. After negotiations with party leaders, he ended up running for the Swiss Freedom Party, with the support of the Swiss Liberal Party and the Switzerland Reform Alliance. During the October presidential elections, he lost to the Swiss Neutrality Party candidate, Walther Rathenau, by a vote of 41-58. (It was heartbreaking).


On May 10th, Penguin was approached by Arthur Buryus, a commander of the Switzerland Armed Forces. Arthur's previous partner, PabloTortilla, had resigned, and Arthur needed someone else to help him launch operations.

Penguin gladly accepted the offer. He attempted to set up an army with Buryus, but after Buryus' mysterious disappearance, the dream was lost.


As far as we can tell, Penguin was at some time elected president during the muddled days of the Slovenian invasion. Records show that most of Penguin's term was spent being fighting fruitlessly against Slovenian occupation. After Penguin's presidential term, he retired into obscurity and has only occasionally popped out of hiding to annoy people.