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The Philippine Legion of Honor is an honor given to foreign citizens, "For gallant service by a foreign countryman that extended far beyond the courtesies and duties of international relationship." as defined in House Resolution 002 - Orders of Philippines.


The Philippines Legion of Honor was established by House Resolution 002 - Orders of Philippines, proposed by Congressman Hekter, was enacted on December 4th, 2010 (Day 1110).


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Induction Process

Any Filipino Congressman can nominate a foreign citizen Membership, which must then be voted on by the rest of Congress. The nomination must contain a description of the actions done by said citizen to justify being inducted in the Legion Of Honor, which will then be signed by the President, published in the President's paper, and PMed to the recipient.


Honorary citizenship for life.

If the recipient ever applies for Filipino citizenship it will be as though they have a Presidential Vouch or automatic greenlight from NICA, allowing them to receive citizenship immediately instead of going through a screening process.


HR002 defines, The right to display the Medal of the Philippine Legion of Honor on their avatar or in any military dress.

Philippines Legion of Honor medal. From the Order of Sikatuna Medal (Commander) in 'Real Life'.


HR002 defines, The right to display the Ribbon of the Philippine Legion of Honor on their avatar in any military dress. For the purposes of personal preference, various versions of the Ribbon are offered, but only one may be displayed at a time.

Legion ribbon lined flat.png

Legion ribbon lined raised.png

Legion ribbon solid flat.png

Legion ribbon solid raised.png

Certificate of Membership

The President shall provide a Certificate of Membership, which is a nice-looking image edited with the recipient's name and common avatar. Example

1 Q5 Tank

A nominal gift from the Philippine Defense Department.