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Propaganda Now!

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Geno_Garon
Founded October 1st 2008
Subscribers 50
Articles 4
Content Multimedia


Propaganda Now! is a newspaper from the United States of America. It is owned by Geno_Garon and Nascent. It is the first multimedia news platform in eRepublik, having the majority of its content hosted on an outside website, Propaganda Now! takes advantage of text, images, sound, and video, with the promise of interactive flash components on the way.

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Propaganda Now! Stat Sheet

  • (as of November 29th 2008)
  • Editors: Geno Garon and Specter (eRep name: Nascent)
  • Number of Publications: 4
  • Number of Articles: 15
  • Number of Man-Hours: Far Too Many
  • Number of Player-Submitted Articles: None yet, BE THE FIRST!
  • Number of Videos: 3
  • Number of Audio Articles: 2
  • Number of Donations Received: 5
  • Topics Covered: Roby Petric, Presidential Elections, Employer Fraud, Australian Fight for Freedom, The State of Warfare in V1, Political Party Scandals, eRepublik Bugs, and many more...

Propaganda Now!'s Mission

Propaganda NOW! is an experiment in "everyone journalism". Its content is derived from the massively multiplayer online social strategy game Erepublik, which puts its players in the shoes of everyday citizens in various countries with the potential to work their way up to running a popular newspaper, a company, a political party, or even a nation! Erepublik gives players the world over the opportunity to shape a virtual world as they see fit, and Propaganda NOW! aims to be a multimedia platform through which these players can express themselves. The way Propaganda NOW! works is two-fold, because it contains two distinct types of content.

The first is "reactive content", which is derived either from in-game events or player-submitted ideas and suggestions. The idea behind reactive content is to give the Erepublik community what it wants to read (or hear, or see, or interact with as our multimedia capabilities expand) and also be relevant to what's going on within the game environment. Players (or 'citizens' in Erepublik terminology) can submit ideas, suggestions, or requests for content freely by e-mailing us. Virtually anything will be considered for publishing, so long as it doesn't violate the Erepublik Laws.

The other type of content that Propaganda NOW! publishes is "priority content". For a nominal fee (to be discussed at the time of article review) anyone from a citizen to a country's government can have an article published on the subject of their choice, representing the bias of their choice, promoting the agenda of their choice, and using the "facts"of their choice. Or, if so inclined, a client can actually submit a propaganda article they themselves have written (subject to screening and editing, mind you). It is this content that gives Propaganda NOW! its name, allowing in-game entities to publish and distribute their propaganda through a noteable and appealing medium available freely to the general Internet-going public.

We promote, as our motto says, "Fair and Biased News": fair because every Erepublik citizen has equal access, and biased because they have the chance to say virtually whatever they want! It's "All the Spin, None of the Slant", because "Your Agenda is Our Story". Propaganda NOW! is "Faux News" for "A Bold New World With A Bold New Message".