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To rage quit, rage quitting, or perform a rage quit, is the act by a player of quitting a game out of frustration, discontentment, or simple immaturity. It may take many forms, but most often involves a brief (though sometimes protracted) period of vehement shouts, newspaper articles, or IRC and eForum ranting, focusing on the players own dissatisfaction with eRepublik, its game mechanics, interface, or most often, other players.

The online Urban Dictionary defines Rage Quitting as the following:

Rage Quit: (reyj - kwit) - Verb, rage quit or rage quit·ted, rage quit·ting, Adjective

1. To stop, cease, or discontinue a game due to aggravation from being constantly bested (see pwned) in any type of challenge within the game.

2. To scream wildly whilst mashing the keyboard before slamming it violently into a computer monitor, causing many of the keys to scatter about in an untidy manner after being bested (see pwned, again) in any type of challenge within the game.

3. To suck so horribly and blame the hardcore fail on everyone else through indeterminable screaming before quitting.


  • McTrinity has died.
  • McTrinity has left the game. (Disconnected by user)
  • --RAGE QUIT--

While not an uncommon event, Rage Quits can have tremendous effects upon eRepublik, particularly if done by a player who has managed to become a leader of their country at the time of their infantile outburst. Otherwise influential players, who's actions effect the game on a country or global level can also have far-reaching implications by their rage quit.

Rage Quits are particularly troublesome when they are premeditated and may result in the embezzlement or intentional depletion of a country's entire treasury, political sabotage, or territorial mismanagement.

They are also considered to be "not very nice" by most players, and are largely ignored by veteran players who realize that the quitter believes they are far more important than they really are, and furthermore, in many cases may actually return to the game by using any number of multi-accounts or just selecting another user name.

Most experts agree that rage quits are a waste of time, energy, and effort by not just the victims of the act, but also that of the perpetrator.

Most players simply, "just don't care".

GF Day

Main article: GF Day

Perhaps the greatest rage quit in New World history was that of player Necrosis, a former community moderator and five time member of congress. His rage quit resulted in one of the most colorful events in eHistory, mostly due to the fact that prior to quitting he released his moderator level account information and, as expected, utter chaos ensued. The result has since come to be known as GF Day and has since been established a National Holiday in the USA. "GF Day" is celebrated on June 30th.