Stranka Ujedinjenih Penzionera

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Stranka Ujedinjenih Penzionera

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General Information
Country Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina
Abbreviation SUP
Founded January 16, 2012
Dissolved February 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%

Stranka Ujedinjenih Penzionera, shortened SUP, was a short-living political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The only known president of the party was Godfather Corleone.


Godfather Corleone, after his dispute with Bosnia and Herzegovina government and his current party, found a new party, over existing party which name is unknown.Godfather Corleone won on party's election and renamed it to the Stranka Ujedinjenih Penzionera which means Party of united pensioners.He was party president for about 3 weeks before leaving it.

The initial goal of Godfather Corleone was to gather veterans of Bosnia and Herzegovina in one party and overthrown Bosnia and Herzegovina PTO government.

Plans failed, Godfather Corleone resigned as president, left the party and ultimately left Bosnia and Herzegovina. Party was dissolved shortly after it lived short time as “ Punks Not Dead ” party.


Although party existed for a short time, it managed in getting two candidates into Congress in January 2012 elections: