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This page needs to be merged with the EXISTING World War II page. --QJ Lincoln 20:12, 25 December 2008 (EET)

This needs to be DELETED. It is HIGHLY prejudicial.
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This page is different with World War II. World War II article consist of all PEACE-ATLANTIS conflict recently, like Indonesia Argentina, and ATLANTIS invasion of France. About the prejudical, you can delete it together with World War II because the content come from there. Mimihitam 13:22, 26 December 2008 (EET)

I think we should merge this page with WW2 --Mini "Template boy" Bill Italian in the deep core have a biscuit 17:46, 26 December 2008 (EET)

Prove sources for the following:
  • ATLANTIS forces decided to attack France pretending they where denying freedom to Switzerland
  • Actually France was negotiating an independence treaty with Swiss representatives, led by Big Brother and Bremer.
  • Unfortunately, ATLANTIS did not send any ultimatum to France and unilaterally decided to wage war against France in an unprecedented brutal, unexplained and unbalanced war ever. (That is just terribly worded, unfortunately, and needs reworded or removed, as well as sourced)

So, provide sources soon please or I'll remove those parts of the article.
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[1] Are there some sources? It's not something "dangerous" so I'm not adding {{Ref}}, but it needs sources--Mini "Template boy" Bill Italian in the deep core have a biscuit 22:22, 13 January 2009 (EET)

Indepth chronology - needs writing up and adding to the article proper

Notes from an article I never finished. Written from a British perspective. John F. Baker Icon-UK.png (Talk | Contribs) 08:21, 31 January 2015 (PST)

	War with France was a joke policy by 313 since January. That UKRP have been against from day 1. 
	War had been talked of on and off for months.
	War's aim is to erradicate PEACE in Europe, starting with France. Italy next (?) as a weak country.
	See: Dishmcds's paper.
	Apparently Spain were also planning an attack.
	War has potential to liberate eSwitzerland (Occupied by France)
		- Three rival sects, no real prospect of RW independence, so need to wait for ATLANTIS to reach them.
	France have a Field Marshal on their side, a Portugese soldier named Euphonix, doing +170 per hit. Monster.
	UK to get three regions: Lower Normandy, Picardy and Nord Pas de Calais
	Romania didn’t support ATLANTIS in the war

	The ATLANTIS plan was to give Switzerland independence back to the first Swiss region on December 15. ATLANTIS did not send any ultimatum to France and unilaterally decided to wage war against France. In the meantime, Argentinian forces assaulted Indonesia-occupied South Africa's Western Cape, distracting the Indonesian army and allowing the other ATLANTIS countries to launch their attack on France.
	Sweden's official justification for the war was France's regions with high densities of wood. Other countries have been accused of waging the war for these reasons as well, though none have confirmed this. Coincidentally or not, the French regions first invaded had high densities of raw materials.
	[Dec 06: Reserves -- Strength 3 || Para's -- Strength 5]
	Find Nemo Mobilis's paper
	Find Potier's paper (Fr)
	Find Chucky Norris’ paper - SWEDEN situation

	-SSM Lower Normandy:
	-SSM Waloonia:
	-SSM London:

	September 03 - Proposal to NAP with France failes 3/9 in HoC
	- Dec 04-5:
		"Spain initiates the Allied operation, 3 simulatneous battle erupt on the southern border of France. Leaving the defenders in mayhem has they scatter around trying to resist the Iberian Powerhouse. Meanwhile, Canada, USA, UK and Sweden will all start the Declaration of War on France in order to join in the fun."
	- Dec 05:
		14:20 - War vote in the House of Commons begins.
	- Dec 06: 
		22:20 - Vote passes 18/5/0
		22:30 - War vote begins in Congress.
		[ Spain-France war already in action. ]
	- Dec 07, Evening: 
		"Having a the DoW out of the way, The UK, US and Canada are moving on the french coast. The Swedish army will take advantage of such activity and launch their attack as well on the region of Lorraine. All of these attack were successfull."
		22: 30 - War declared.
		22:35 - Lower Normandy attacked
			ATLANTIS: UK, Sweden, USA, Canada and Spain
			PEACE: France etc.
			Hospitals non-functional, heavy impact on UKers health / Wiki info (used back then) is ropey
			Most eUKers seem not to know how to fight/many cannot afford weapons, use one or two.
	- Dec 08:
		"France Decided to only focus on the Canadian assault, winning the battles they could at least. However, Canada replied to this by hiring Spanish Mercenary. The battle was won, but at the cost of having Canada out of the game because of lack of supply."
		Uk Fights / Dmage.   1027/ 40040
		France     178/ 5633
		Italy      427 / 20647
		Portugal.    	126 / 5499
		Brazil.     94/ 5499
		Indo.     2 / 109
		[Weapon costs: Q3 is £13 and Q5 is £72]
		[Being a Colonel is big news. Highest rank in UK]
		[Indonesia so far not helping France]
		- Battle for Lower Normandy continues.
			Roadrunnerspeed is currently Battle Hero; spending shittons of gold on Health Packs/weapons
			Hospital bug fixed, they are now useable again
			- Battle rages on, wobbling between noman's land and admin
			21:10 - Britain pushed through no-man's land into France
			21:45 - Pushed out of Admin into Rural
			22:00 - Back into Admin
			22:35 - Battle secured. British victory in the first battle of the war!
		"The new war module seems to be a rich man's game." -- Twatters
		[Posts on forum every 30 seconds]
		[Map of France as of 23:00 - ]
	- Dec 09:
		22:25 - Battle for Picardy begins.
		[Map of France as of the end of Dec 09 - / ]
		[Bob Boblo does 7 damage/fight. "I'm a lover, not a fighter."
		Late Morning:
			- Iran and Indonesia (heavyweights) open fire
			[ At this point in the game, there is no front-page message to tell citizens that there is a battle raging ]
			[ Worldwide weapons shortage ]
			18:25 - Britain makes a tactical retreat with under 4hrs on the battle timer 
				Reason: lack of fire support. Citizens/soldiers still wounded from previous day's hospital fiasco.
			18:45 - Sweden occupies Lorraine. [Map - ]
		[Ministry of Migration and Support offers free travel/support to British settler/workers in French regions, to increase costs of prospective French RW/attacks. Soldiers remain in London to take advantage of Q5 hospital.]
		[Reasons for regions: L-Norm has a Q2 DS; Picardy is next smallest region, good for our weak military--wall depends on pop--while depleting France's supplies, troops, and Gold; Calais later in war due to v high pop]
	- Dec 10:
		"France won it's first battle on the 10th, as they stopped the Brittish Attack in Picardy. Even thought both the US and Sweden continued their advance, at least it was a moral victory for the french."
		[ Americans losing in Limousin ]
		[ UK discusses giving French Brits 'rights' in the same way as Belgians and putting them under the jurisdiction of the Minister for Minorities; common consensus is that they will be integrated and treated as British citizens ]
	- Dec 11:
		"As the Canadians did, the Americans ran out of supply as their infrastructure wasn't as much geared up for military operation as Spain or Sweden. However, both the Spanish and Swedish force were able to go a bit further in. This would be the last time Atlantis Force's would know victory in france for the remainder of French Toast."
			21:00 - Second Battle for Picardy begins.
			21:40 - Britain reaches underground.
	- Dec 12:
		"12-17 As everybody ran out of Gold and Weapon eventually, France slowly got back up on it's feet. There was nothing stopping them from taking back the regions and within a week, recovered the entire country. Thus ended a great part of our history."
		- Morning:
			00:25 - Indonesia retaliates
			[ USA finally occupies Limousin ]
			[ Prices in UK notably higher as war depletes stocks of resources ]
			09:30 - By breakfast, Britian pushed back to no-man's land.
			[ Spain doing badly against Italian forces - Being attacked in region they do not want to loose - Are they draining resources, diverting attention away from other fronts? ]
			11:40 - Vettige Swa (Para) is BH
			[ Indonesia & PEACE Co. focusing majority of attention on British forces, as other ATLANTIS allies bulldoze with little resistance. ]
		- Evening:
			20:35 - Battle not going well. Would need +1000 dmg/min to win before timeout.
			20:45 - 23,000 damage away from underground. Unlikely.
			[ UK started final push too late. Wall was dropping but at that rate needed longer to push ]
			21:00 - Second defeat in Picardy.
				UK treasury:
				1954.17 GOLD, 79181 .02   GBP
				[Halved in 1 day; 3200 GOLD two weeks ago]

				The French treasury:
				0.57 GOLD (LOL), 28374 .29   FRF + 70125.01FRF in Ministere de l Economie
	- Dec 13:
			UK: 120,000 damage
			France: 20,000. 
			Indo and Italy: 50k each. 
		[ First General in UK army and 2 more coming, 6 Colonels ]
			UK: 124,340 damage in 2,874 fights (43 damage per fight)

			France: 19,575 damage in 676 fights (30 damage per fight)
			Italy: 50,254 damage in 1,217 fights (41 damage per fight)
			Indonesia: 59,416 damage in 1,769 fights (34 damage per fight)
			Combined: 129,254 damage in 3,662 fights (35 damage per fight) (Does not include other allied enemies)

			I would be wary of Iran sending more soldiers - they are doing 52 damage per fight against us...
		[ UK bared the brunt of PEACE allied force due to RL rivalry, Italians and Indonesians hate us too (Imperealists in Iranian eyes) + Picardy borders Paris; major threat, despite no War Council/ATLANTIS plans for Paris as yet. ]
			- 15:00 - France begins voting on MPP with Indonesia, to replace old one that is soon to expire.
			- 17:30 - Canada receives a French counterattack.
		[ Lack of inter-ally comms means Canada receives little support while the UK takes a break ]
	- Dec 14:
		- Royal Navy deployed to defend Lower Normandy, bring the potential wall/cost up.
		- The first of three Stationed Sailors Mess appear on the eUK forums, as a community indication of the Royal Navy 'base' that begins to develop. Eventually leads to Stationed Sailors Mess Pub Crawl back to London, where soldiers post after deployment to each staging region.
		*OTHER RN BASES INCLUDE...* Northern Ireland, Brazil, Russia.
	- Dec 16:
		- RN told not to fight in Champagne due to no hospital.
	- Dec 18: 
		- Dishmcds accuses PEACE of cheating
			(Portugal, Italy, Indonesia, the US, and Brazil) of using a battle module exploit (600 times to UK's 43) to get more fights, requests admin assistance. Never comes.
		- Opinion poll shows 63% support for war
			I would vote to continue the war. 63% [ 12 ]
			I would vote to end the war. 37% [ 7 ]
		- British Army noted as being poorly organised despite size, run by Dish almost alone.
	- Dec 19: 
		Fourth battle in a row is lost
	- Dec 20:
		- Reserves (RG/RN) begin to be restructured/shaken up for inactives...
		- Royal Guard squads A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and B1 are deployed to Waloon
	- Dec 21:
		- 14:00 - France initiates 2nd Battle for Lower Normandy, by now an established Royal Navy base despite the lack of hospital. High wall.
		- Royal Guard ordered to fight if armed, in good health and have access to hospital
		- 18:50 - Wall is -23.5k. Surprise sets in that France can use their MPPs for offensive maneuvers.
		- 19:45 - Dishmcds (Prime Minister) reveals that he has been preoccupied with reality since the 18th (Thurs); a family member in a very serious condition at hospital. Ip Lockard in effective command of the war effort.
		- 23:10 -  -5000
	- Dec 22: 
		- 00:20 - -40 000
		- 07:15 - -53k
		- Lower Normandy freed by France
		- Royal Navy evacuates before end of battle, to Waloon or London depending on wellness (hi, low respectively). Some soldiers trapped behind enemy lines.
		By now, the war is going badly enough that peace is wanted || They have not attacked Belgium yet, but UK is worried
	- Dec 24
		- CO of the US Marines makes an apology to UK: Marines ordered to deploy too late, supplied late, wall was at -30,000 by the time they could fight.
		- Royal Guard ordered to muster in London, fight once per day and use hospital to reach maximum health.
		- 13:15 - France attacks Waloonia, nixing any dream of a Christmas ceasefire and going against a previous pledge to only take back the regions the UK had taken. Hassan MoD amongst others outraged. Admin sent message about stupid MPP system by Paddyohale.
		- Rumours afoot of 'decoder' exploit cheat in use to boost fights. Bug, Admins, Bug, MPP's, Bug, Decoders
		- 19:30 - Spain launches a diversionary counterattack against France and Italy.
		- Evening: Waloon battle makes a slow turn towards British fortune
	- Dec 25
		- 01:50 - British forces push France out of region into noman's land
		- 08:50 - 4 hours with 19,000 to make up to secure it. Unlikely.
		[ Opinion still widely held that Admins will reverse the battle and refund gold ]
		- 12:05 - -19800 with an hour on the clock.
		- 13:05 - France occupies Waloonia
		[ Shittons of gold wasted; Imperial Co. (Horatio Vowles) alone loses 107G in private donations to soldiers ]
		[ Dish offered Walloon in exchange for Lower Normandy and peace - Belgians disagreed so plan abandonned - France said they were asked and used it as an excuse]
		- Royal Navy received no weapons due to christmas/late issuing of weapons.
		- Ordered to return to eUK.
		[ Romania declares war on Russia - idorts not supporting ATLANTIS at all - ]
	- Dec 26
		- 14:30 - Attacked Flanders, pretty much wiping opposition.
		[ Weapons so expensive that British Army cannot supply soldiers, let alone private citizens
		 France + MPPs at work against official but non-core UK regions; biased battles - people angry with admins that the MPP system works like this outside of French core regions. ]
		- 18:30 - Peace proposal goes up.
	- Dec 27
		- Royal Guard ordered not to fight to preserve wellness; deemed not capable of fighting,.
		- 09:00 - France occupies Flanders
	- Dec 28:
		War ends.
		- French RW their Belgian regions, but some French fight for the French, making them close battles.
	"But what caused this plan to fail so badly? Poor communication was one of the issues. As Canada wasn't planning on opening more fronts because of internal problem. The plan was poorly planned as well. Atlantis HQ decided to leave France alive instead of finishing it, one of the reason was that Romania was going for Russia. This lack of coordination really took it's toll on the Allied effort. Would the result have been different had the proper force been applied when necessary, probably, even if the total conquest was far from assured. From this I think people learned that in order to win a war, you had to enter it with a ton of Gold to properly fund continuous battle in order to maintain the block. But this is all history now..."
	Post French Toast, discussion was about ATLANTIS failure as an oversized, under communicative alliance. Private capitalisation on the demand for weapons during the war, leading to extortionate prices, also irked people. At this stage all military supplies were publicly sourced, and the govt had only a single Q1 company, Royal Ordnance. Discussion was made for a policy similar to the RL WWI 'Defence Of The Realm Act' to regulate/commandeer industry in wartime.
	A bit of a baby boom occured after French Toast.