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With the development of the New World various tools have appeared to make the citizens life easier. Some citizens have developed extensive companion sites to make the eRepublik a much nicer game. Here you can find some of the best tools available.

eRepublik Companion Sites

This site has couple of tools. It has a readers counter for your articles and an Influence Calculator which allows you to check how many influence you can make in battles - perfect tool for every future battle hero. There's also the Training Calculator that help you plan your training and make gold on it.

eGobba's World Map

Gobba's Flash based world map is one of the most popular tools in eRepublik, since you have detailed real time information on the geography of the new world, fundamental for strategic planning and understanding of the events that take place in the New World. Along with the World Map Gobba released a new tool that is capable of telling you what is the cheapest way to raise your wellness, its a must see for new and veteran users that want to make the most of their money when raising wellness

Carbon eRepublik Tools

Designed for the general eRepublik user this site offers a wide variety of cool and interesting tools. Great for company managers, employees, soldiers and anyone interested in the game. Most useful tools are the statistics on in-game soldiers and battles along side with the highest salary list and the cheapest raw material list, calculated according to its Q1 equivalent. Tools

This site holds a practical tool to find the cheapest products in the new world and a very nice lottery system. They are currently developing the eRepublik Stock eXchange (ERX), a prominent Stock Exchange API for eRepublik.

eAnalytics by Liberwing

If this site had cheapest world products and raw prices, it would be the only one i would use. But even without that it features several important databases for best salaries around the world, currency exchange market, country statistics and calculators for productivity and fights. Also an one of a kind election tracker.

MaxiHellas by Tall_niki

The new Zhunder. Incredible amount of work has gone into this and it really has even surpassed Zhunder. You can search for your citizen, watch damage by battle, by country and all sorts of stuff like best v2 fighters and battle heroes.

CCCP Erepublik Tools Portal by Kumnaa

The most complete site out there and one of the few that survived the migration to v2. It boasts a full array of tools, databases and calculators and there is very few you would need from other sites.

The eIndian Footprint

This site has a variety of tools and tools in the pipeline . It has a Cheapest raw Material Finder , Influence Calculator and few Database tools,Your country can also get a full world wide database on your country by contacting The eIndian footprint in game


List of all API tools available to the eRepublik users, divided by category.




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Battle Stats


List of some scripts using the API available to the eRepublik users, divided by category.




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