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Belgian Division

As there is a group of Belgians that form part of the iBel faction of the United Belgian Party who have wanted devolution for the Belgian people, this law was the first real step to recognising the Belgian minority of the e-UK as a seperate group of people than the rest of the e-UK public. It had a large amount of opposition, as some said it would alienate and segregate e-UK Belgians from the rest of the country. The policy was ratified by Parliament on 6th July 2008, the voting standing at 14 for and 12 against. This close amount of votes also sparked controversy in Parliament.

The Policy

The Belgian army would have their own commander and platoon leaders.
Ultimately they would be under the control of the UK Minister of Defence. The Belgians will be treated like normal soldiers, therefore refusal to fight results in dishonorable discharge from the Paratroopers.
However, if the Belgians are asked to fight against the Netherlands they have the right to refuse without fear of punishment.
However they are not allowed to fight with the Dutch against us as this will result in dishonourable discharge.
Belgians will be provided with orders in their own language.
Belgians will get the same amount of funding and support as all other paras.

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