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Note: Since May 2019 I won't be available for almost everything due to rl obligations (mil service), for 9 months. But I won't stop or leave the game. I may occasionally check if anyone messed up, ahem, updated any page where I contributed :P. You can contact me in Discord or email for anything, even just to say hi :upside_down:. o7 ;).
Fun fact: I've used the experience I got from this wiki in my CV :P (why I said that :P)

Updating/translating wiki articles is something I love doing since 2008, yet I rarely do it and always forget that it's one of my abilities :P Till now...thanks eRepublik for reminding and teaching me the ways of Wikimedia :)

Just to have it flying around here aswell, my Wikipedia profile. Most of the contributions are in the Greek version.

Although I find a bit pointless translating articles of eRep's wiki, because nowadays with the smaller and smaller playerbase, who still uses non-English version of several articles? Much easier and informative to use the English versions or in-game resources.

If you thought you would find here stuff about myself as real person, sorry to disappoint you. Literally, such stuff are being posted in-game, 99% of the time as posts in the feeds. People call it "spam", I call it "occasionally educative spam" :D

Even though I started uploading "higher quality" versions of some pictures (party logos, MU logos), it took me some time to realize that literally breaks some of the tables those are used into, because now they show the full image instead of the part where is the actual logo. Since some of them are literally posters, for example only 10% of that image is actually shown in-game. Hail me :P
For real though, I would really love to see the feature of page views and more importantly the views traffic, cuz it would really help, in my opinion, to decide which pages should be top priority to fix/update. Yes, we aren't many active editors, and at the same time the in-game traffic is low, but also we don't know for sure how many people are actually using eRep wiki. Even though I've seen quite a few cases of wiki links being shared, I'm just really curious about how many people besides the active editors are visiting the wiki and which pages the most.

My favorite subjects in general are Eurovision, games, digital forensics, system administration, Web (as hardware and software, pretty much everything on how and why it works, although I more study around domain names).

Became Engineer officially on August 12th 2018, unofficially few days earlier.

If you would like to contact me, there are several ways, but preferable are:

  • Discord - jimkats#4218
  • e-mail - jim-kats "at" hotmail "dot" com

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