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Flag of Greece   Coat of Arms of Greece

On the map

General rank 16
Country power 473
Anthem Hymn to Liberty
Motto Freedom or Death
Capital Dublin
Language Greek
Population 1,225
Average level 98
President amalagos
Party Hellenes Terroristas
Dictator amalagos
Military unit Hellenes Terroristas
Political titles
vCP exohoritis
MoD paparia mentoles
MoFA Ektonosiakos
Governor milano13
MoEd ggeorgex
Currency Flag-Greece.jpg Greek Drachma (GRD)
Minimum salary Flag-Greece.jpg 1 GRD
Average salary Flag-Greece.jpg 342.86 GRD
Food bonus 0%
Weapon bonus 0%
House bonus 0%
Aircraft bonus 0%
Territories 2
Natural enemy Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
IRC eGreece

Map of Greece

Last update 27 July 2018

Greece (Greek: Ελλάδα, Elláda), officially the Hellenic Republic (Ελληνική Δημοκρατία, Ellinikí Dimokratía) is a country in southeastern Europe, located in the southernmost portion of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders Icon-Albania.png Albania, Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria to the north, Icon-Turkey.png Turkey to the east, Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus and Icon-Israel.png Israel to the south-east, Icon-Egypt.png Egypt to the south and Icon-Italy.png Italy to the west. The Aegean Sea lies to the east and is a natural border with Turkey, the Ionian Sea to the west and is the natural border with Italy an the Lybian Sea to the south and is the natural border with Egypt.

Icon history.png History

Main article: History of Greece

Icon allcountries.gif Geography


The original territory of Greece is composed of several regions: Aegean Islands (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Attica (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Central Greece (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Crete (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Epirus (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Ionian Islands (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Macedonia (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Peloponnese (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Thessaly (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), and Thrace (occupied by Icon-Romania.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource
Louth Icon-Ireland.png Icon - Clay.png Clay

Icon position party member.gif Politics

Constitution of Greece

Icon position country president.gif President

Date: July 5, 2018 - Day 3,880

Total Votes: 374

President Votes Percent (%) Party Supported by
1. amalagos 194 51.87 Greek Independence Party Party-Greek Independence Party.jpg Party-Hellenes Terroristas.jpg Hellenes Terroristas
2. Apostolos6 97 25.94 Liberty in North Myconos Default party logo.gif
3. Haskos 83 22.19 Hellenic Myrmidocracy Default party logo.gif

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

Date: July 25, 2018 - Day 3,900

Total votes: 383

Logo Party Votes Percent Representatives
Party-Hellenes Terroristas.jpg Hellenes Terroristas 106 27.68% 5
Party-Greek Independence Party.jpg Greek Independence Party 88 22.98% 5
Party-Nea Poreia.jpg Nea Poreia 78 20.37% 4
Party-Ethnikistiko Metwpo.jpg Ethnikistiko Metwpo 56 14.62% 3
Party-Ethniko Enotiko Kinima.jpg Ethniko Enotiko Kinima 55 14.36% 3

Icon position party president.gif Political parties

Logo Full Party Name Standard Abbreviation Orientation Party President Members Count
Party-Greek Independence Party.jpg Greek Independence Party [1] GIP Center, Libertarian AntrikosA 309
Party-Ethnikistiko Metwpo.jpg Ethnikistiko Metwpo [2] EM Far-Right, Authoritarian Unicorn Hellas 230
Party-Nea Poreia.jpg Nea Poreia [3] NP Centre, Libertarian DimAth 202
Party-Hellenes Terroristas.jpg Hellenes Terroristas [4] HT F@nis 177
Party-Ethniko Enotiko Kinima.jpg Ethniko Enotiko Kinima [5] EEK Center, Chaos0 128
Party-ISOPOLITEIA.png ISOPOLITEIA [6] Far-Left, Libertarian Kataskopos21 121
Party-Makedoniki Symmaxia.jpg Makedoniki Symmaxia [7] MS mpampis12345 066
Party-P.A.O.K..jpg P.A.O.K. [8] PAOK Center, Anarchist sakis72 066
Party-HELLAS.jpg HELLAS [9] Centre, Libertarian Everman 062
Party-A.E.K..jpg A.E.K. [10] AEK Center, Libertarian nikroum 045
Party-Olympiacos.jpg Olympiacos [11] OSFP Center-right, Sokratis Kokkalis 045
Party-Hellenic Army Meeting Point.jpg Hellenic Army Meeting Point [12] HAMP Center, Libertarian poseidonsr 040
Party-Pou8enades.jpg Pou8enades [13] Center, Anarchist Agathoklis 031
Party-Socialistic Democratic Union.jpg Socialistic Democratic Union [14] SDU Centre-Left, Libertarian melini 030
Party-Liberal.jpg Liberal [15] Center-left, Libertarian CooperLee 027
Party-Ethniki Anagennisi.jpg Ethniki Anagennisi [16] EA Far-right, Authoritarian Antonis BT Hellas 026
Party-Anarchistic Legion.jpg Anarchistic Legion [17] Far-left, Anarchist Dreamchaser 023
Party-Panathinaikos.jpg Panathinaikos [18] PAO Center, Authoritarian TrellosPsilos 023
Party-Hellenes . Argentinos.jpg Hellenes . Argentinos [19] Center, Skunkis.OpS 014
Party-Federacion Anarquista Helenica.jpg Federacion Anarquista Helenica [20] FAH Far-left, Anarchist voutsas 011
Default party logo.gif Liberty in North Myconos [21] Center-left, Libertarian KlNG MINOAS 011
Party-HELLAS ELL.jpg HELLAS ELL [22] Center-right, NICK323 010
Default party logo.gif Cthulhu Party [23] Center, Anarchist Vasilis Karavias 010
Default party logo.gif E.A.K.E. [24] NEE Center, Totalitarian Faethongr 009
Default party logo.gif SteffanoS [25] Far-left, Totalitarian ggeorgex 009
Party-NEA Fi.P.S..jpg NEA Fi.P.S. [26] Center, Libertarian NikosVasilopoulos 008
Party-EN LEYKO.jpg EN LEYKO [27] Center, g.manis 008
Party-G.A.P..jpg G.A.P. [28] GAP Center-left, Totalitarian Plaka Mekaneis 008
Party-eGreek Pirates.jpg eGreek Pirates [29] , Authoritarian IncognitoX 007
Default party logo.gif Eleftheri Dimokratiki Kinisi [30] Center, Totalitarian Proodeftikanos 007
Party-Plato's Academy at Politics.jpg Plato's Academy at Politics [31] Center, Libertarian Dolios Paixtis 007
Party-Dimokratiko Kinima.jpg Dimokratiko Kinima [32] DK Center-right, Libertarian DimitrisZaxa 005
Party-Free Market.jpg Free Market [33] Center, Libertarian politikons 004
Party-E.B.A..jpg E.B.A. [34] Center-left, Totalitarian Andreas Bo 003
Party-Greek Patriotic Movement.jpg Greek Patriotic Movement [35] GPM Center, Libertarian aponiko 003
Party-Orthodox Movement.jpg Orthodox Movement [36] Center, Libertarian Lakis Moore 003
Party-K.AR.DHM..jpg K.AR.DHM..jpg‎ [37] Center-left, Authoritarian TSAKAL 002
Party-Myrminoan.jpg Myrminoan [38] MRN Far-right, Anarchist athlas 002
Party-Panellinio Komma Paralias.jpg Panellinio Komma Paralias [39] PaKoPa Center, Libertarian Kratinos 002
Default party logo.gif Anonymous Party [40] Center, Totalitarian panvot 002
  • Updated on 22 February 2014.

Icon economy.png Economy

Wages in time

Date Min (GRD) Avg (GRD)
May 2009 3.9 20.24
August 2009 1 5.42
May 2011 15 32.73
Aug 2011 15 131.2
Apr 2013 5
Jun 2013 8
16 August 2013 8 12,87
20 October 2013 8 19,60
16 November 2013 8 18,55
18 December 2013 8 18,91
16 January 2014 8 23,84
16 July 2018 1 336,13

Icon taxes.gif Taxes

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1% 99% 1%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1% 99% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft 1% 3% 3%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 1% 5% 7%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 1% 4% 4%
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1% 99% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1% 99% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 1% 7% -
Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material 1% 1% -
  • Last update: 27 July 2018

Icon embargo.gif Country trading embargoes

Greece has trading embargoes with:

Icon military.png Military


The Greek Government under the jurisdiction of Minister of Defence has 3 military units: Hellenic Ministry of Defence, Greek National Army and Πελασγοί.


Greece is no longer member of any alliance.

Fight-war.gif Current wars

Greece is not currently at war with anyone.

Icon-pact.gif MPPs

Greece has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following nation(s):

This country doesn't have any alliances at the moment.

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