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The eOrder of the Sun is an order formed by Satuet Quadfa, BenP and Mouj. Satuet Quadfa is the Grandmaster and BenP and Mouj are Grandmaster of the two factions, Dawn and Dusk respectively. The order stands to "enlighten the world" and values "Equality, Freedom, Love, Peace, and Wargames". It was formed in Australia, where its only members are based.


The order believes in pretty basic, universal beliefs that nearly all stand for, including enlightenment of the way of the Sun, the way it brings life and death and the like. They believe, as said above, in Equality, Freedom, Love, Peace, and Wargames.

  • Thou shall treat thy brothers and sisters of the faith equally
  • Thou shall not imprison anybody without their consent
  • Thou shall love your fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of the faith
  • Thou shall spread peace through the lands of eRepublik
  • Thou shall participate in all wargames that take place
  • Thou shall follow the teachings of the grandmasters and masters

- from the teachings of Grandmaster Satuet Quadfa


The two factions represent the two different ideas of the Sun and how they differ and worship the sun differently. When a person has chosen to become part of the order, they must choose which faction to choose from. The below teaching by Grandmaster Mouj of the Dusk helps people decided which one suits them. Both are represented equally, just as the commandments of the part administrate.

Dawn represents life, beginning and getting up in the morning
with a menacing day of work or hangovers. It is the new and the ready,
but the unexperienced and the young.
Dusk represents death, end and going back to sleep, ready for a fresh
new day and glad the last one was over. It is the old and tried, but the
experienced and the faithful.

- from the teachings of Grandmaster Mouj of the Dusk


The Faction of Dawn is grandmastered by BenP and mastered by xKiCkJrx.


The Faction of Dusk is more active than the Faction of Dawn (arguably). Mouj is the Grandmaster of the faction and Leonard Lyman is a Master.

My sleepy friends of Dusk! We are the teachers of the others, we are the mentally
experienced, we are the ones who are near our end, but know more so we can enrich
those of Dawn and those of non-order aligning. We are the preachers, the writers
and the speakers of this world. We are the old, but we are the active. The young do not
do anything for us, or for the rest of the world, they are not dedicated to the faction of
Dawn, or to the order, to the great, enlightening Sun and they do not oppose His regrettable sons,
the horrible admins. We must teach them, so they become a better, active people!
For Dusk, for the order, for the Sun!

- from the teachings of Grandmaster Mouj of the Dusk