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Flag of Australia   Coat of Arms of Australia

On the map

General rank 35
Country power 534
Anthem Advance Australia Fair
Capital Queensland
Language English
Population 374
Average level 23
President Rusty D
Party Revolutionary Socialist Union
Political titles
vCP Molly Jo
MoD Kattrrina
MoFA Thedillpickl
Governor Dread Pirate Hobbits
MoEd Gueneo
Currency Flag-Australia.jpg Australian Dollar (AUD)
Minimum salary 5.00 AUD
Average salary 102.17 AUD
Food bonus 75%
Weapon bonus 35%
House bonus 50%
Aircraft bonus 0%
Territories 8
Natural enemy Indonesia
IRC #ausrep

Map of Australia

Last update 20 July 2016
This is an article about the country. For the continent, see Australia (continent).

Australia is a nation located in the South-Eastern Hemisphere of the New World. It is bordered by Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia, Icon-Peru.png Peru, Icon-South Africa.png South Africa and Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand. Over the course of Australia's history, it has engaged in war with its neighbour, Indonesia and New Zealand and has spent a majority of its history under occupation by foreign powers.

Icon - Congress.jpg Government Structure

The Australian Government is divided into three branches, the executive, the legislative and the judicial. The Australian government highly depends on its politics and rather that the citizenship is also only accepted only if the applier was a good politician and promises to help eAustralia

Icon position country president.gif The Executive

The executive is in charge of the day to day running of the country.

The executive branch of the government is vested in the office of the prime minister, who is duly voted by the people of Australia. It consists of the Prime Minister and their appointed Cabinet members.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Australia is elected on the fifth day of every month by the citizens of Australia. However, due to Australia's history of being wiped out and Political Takeovers, there has been occasions when the Prime Minister was elected by the community on the forum.

The Prime Minister is the head of state, head of government, the chief diplomat of Australia, and the commander in chief of the various government-owned armed forces.


Each term, the Prime Minister of Australia selects politicians to assist him in the day-to-day running of the country. The Cabinet Ministers are the Prime Minister's advisors and also manage their respective departments through the Australian government. The Prime Minister has the full power to appoint or remove any Minister or Department at any time.

Department Minister|Party Deputy|Party Intern|Party
Prime Minister
Chief of Staff
  • -
- -
Department of Finance
  • -
Department of Defence -
Department of Foreign Affairs
Department of Immigration
  • -
  • -
Department of Education - -
- -

Icon position party member.gif The Legislative

The Legislative Branch of the government consists of the Senate, which operates through the Congress implemented through the eRepublik system. Senators are elected on the twenty-fifth of each month. The entirety of Senate operations are conducted through the Australian forums. A Speaker is elected out of each newly elected Senate who operates as the moderator of debates and the manager of bills and voting.

The Legislature of Australia shall be vested in a Senate, composing of the various free citizens of Australia.

The Senate shall have the power to allocate and create monies, set tax rates, pass the citizen fee, declare war on another nation, pass a proposed alliance, shall impeach the Prime Minister when it is called for, and provide citizenship when the Executive Branch approves.

The Senate shall have the power to impeach the Prime Minister when the following criteria have been met; there must be an official hearing to impeach the Prime Minister that shall take 2 days to debate and 1 day to vote on impeachment, a 66% vote must be held in order to impeach. Impeachment may be charged with the following criteria: high crimes against the nation, stealing, perjury, abuse of powers, inadequacy in his ability to govern, a lack of confidence by the Senate, inactivity or a ⅔ referendum by the people.

Current Senate

Main article: Congress of Australia

Party Seats  % of Seats
Australian Democratic Party 9 37.5 %
Australian National Party 4 4.17%
Australian Revolutionary Party 5 20.83%
KnightHawks Military Council 4 16.67%
Australian Parliamentary Party 3 12.5%

Icon position party president.gif The Judicial

Main article: Inspector General

The Judicial consists of the Inspector General.

The Inspector General is elected two days after each Prime Minister election. Because of the level of security of the position, incumbents must be Senators or Order of Australia recipients and their nomination must be seconded by another Senator and only a majority vote may elect an Inspector General.

The Inspector General's main duties are to watch the Senate and Cabinet sections of the forums, and ensuring that no office holder is breaking any of the laws. If they do suspect anything, they may call for an investigation, which could lead to that office holder's loss of forum privileges and department privileges.

But to remember, the latest version of both erepublik and Australia does NOT have senate anymore....

Icon - national goals set.jpg Political Parties

Main article: Parties of Australia


Exclamation.png Urgent

This page urgently needs an update! This page is very outdated, and the information may no longer be valid.

The following are the parties that currently exist:

Party Name Party President Orientation Members
KnightHawks Military Council AugustusX Centre, Libertarian 26
Australian Parliamentary Party DodgyHagrid Center, Libertarian 23
Australian Revolutionary Party Welshlad4eva Far-right, Totalitarian 17
Revolutionary Socialist Union Rusty D Far-left, Authoritarian 16
Australian Democratic Party Guagature Center, Libertarian 14
Australian National Party infin Center-right, Libertarian 5
eAustralia's Queen's Party Miss Wolf Center, Authoritarian 2
Pirate Party Australia Dread Pirate Hobbits Far-left, Libertarian 2

Icon welcome.gif Geography

Australia is comprised of the mainland of the Australian Continent as well as the island of Tasmania. Original Bordering Countries include, Indonesia to the north, New Zealand to the south east, Peru to the north east and finally South Africa to the west.

Currently however, Australia's neighbours are Indonesia to the north, Chile to the north-east, New Zealand to the south-east and finally, Argentina to the west.

In its past, Australia has held colonies in New Zealand and Peru.

The original territory of Australia is composed of several regions: New South WalesVictoria (occupied by Icon-Peru.png), TasmaniaSouth AustraliaWestern Australia (occupied by Icon-Poland.png), Northern TerritoryQueensland (occupied by Icon-Peru.png), 

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
Northern Territory Icon-capital.gif Icon-Australia.png Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Region-Northern Territory.png
New South Wales Icon-Australia.png Icon - Cattle.png Cattle Region-New South Wales.png
South Australia Icon-Australia.png Icon - Grain.png Grain Region-South Australia.png
Tasmania Icon-Australia.png Icon - Cattle.png Cattle Region-Tasmania.png

Flag-Australia.jpg Northern Territory

Flag-Poland.jpg Western Australia

Flag-Peru.jpg Queensland

Flag-Australia.jpg New South Wales

Flag-Australia.jpg South Australia

Flag-Australia.jpg Tasmania

Flag-Peru.jpg Victoria

Country map-Australia.png

Icon donation.gif Economy

Icon taxes.gif Taxes

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 0% 15% 3%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 0% 10% 2%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft 0% 0% 0%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 0% 0% 0%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 0% 15% 3%
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 0% 15% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 0% 15% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 0% 15% -
Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material 0% 0% -
  • Last update: 12 April 2016

Icon embargo.gif Trade Embargoes

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.

Icon hospital.gif Industry

Currently, Australia has a 75% food bonus (due to having Deer, Grain and Cattle resources), a 35% weapons bonus (Saltpeter and Iron), and a 50% housing bonus (Granite and Clay).

Icon attacked.jpg Military

Military operations of the Australian government is handled by the Australian Ministry of Defence and the Prime Minister.

Icon naturalenemy.gifAustralian Defence Force

Main article: Australian Defence Force

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is the official military organisation responsible for the defense of Australia and her borders. The Australian Defence Force is the only government backed military organisation within Australia, receiving government funding to supply soldiers to fight in Australian Battles. The ADF is directly accountable to the Department of Defence.

The ADF is comprised of Australian citizens who wish to defend Australia from her enemies and aid her allies in their times of need. All citizens of Australia are welcome to join the ADF, there is no strength requirement.

Icon mppfight.gif Militias

Militias are paramilitary organizations which are separate from the Australian Defence Force. The current militias are:

Icon-war.png Current Wars

Australia is currently not at war with any nations.

Icon alliance signed.png Alliances

This is a list of Australia's Mutual Protection Pact with other nation(s):

Australia was a co-founder of the Non-aligned Nations of eRepublik Alliance along with Icon-South Africa.png South Africa, but within a few months left to join Flag-TWO.png TWO as an ACT country. Australia is currently a member of Nebula.

Icon chatroom.gif Society

Order of Australia

 For the purpose of according recognition to Australian citizens and other persons for achievement or for meritorious service. 
(Prime Minister Cottus Arci)

Established January 6, 2009, the Order of Australia is way of the Government to give recognition to individuals who have been very active in the Australian Resistance, the Rebuilding, and the Current Government.

A medal awarded to those honored by the Order of Australia.

The ranks within the Order are in this order:

  • Knight/Dame (AK/AD)
  • Grand Officer (AGO)
  • Commander (AC)
  • Officer (AO)
  • Member (AM)

The Australians who've received this prestigious honour:

Inducted Knights / Dames of the Order (AK/D)

Sir Zaney AK

Sir Cottus Arci AK

Sir Derek Apollyon AK

Inducted Grand Officer of the Order (AG)

MachineMadness AG

Patti11 AG

corny-ratbag AG

Inducted Commanders of the Order (AC)

Cerridwen Voeland (AC)

Alex Australis (AC)

H.Nelson (AC)

Xavier Griffith (AC)

Inducted Officers of the Order (AO)

Srg91 (AO)

Brenflakes (AO)

Hinokai (AO)

Sir_c0nstant (AO)

scottty the NUKE (AO)

Inducted Members of the Order (MA)

Ottogustavo (MA)

Widdows9000 (MA)

Schoft (MA)

Mack Craft (MA)

Timeoin (MA)

Binda33 (MA)

Ranger Bob (MA)

Dark Vorodor (MA)

Miss Wolf (MA)

Venja (MA)

Wally Wilson (MA)

Arfman (MA)

RonnyJnRJnr (MA)

Tim Holtz (MA)

Majester (MA)

Larni (MA)

Malgoo (MA)


The OA Survival Plan was approved by the Senate on February 3, 2009. In the plan, all recipients of the Order of Australia, who are inactive citizens, will be prevented from dying by the NBA buying Q1 food and donating it to their account to keep their wellness up.

The logic for such a plan is that:

  • All OA's are likely to be high in exp. points/stats, so it keeps them alive and keeps our ranking up.
  • It's a golden retirement, and serves as a testament to their hard work, that they do not die. Also, it provides our newer citizens a dream of one day being eligible, and kept 'alive' in a dignified, immortal state.

However, as eRepublik mechanics changed, the Survival Plan was no longer possible and was scrapped.

New Player Society

The New Player Society is in place to better introduce and integrate new players into the Australian community. There is a mentoring program in place where mentors will contact new players (mentees) and introduce them to various aspects of the game, and explain any questions new players may have on discovering the world of eRepublik.

The mentors will aim to introduce players to the forums and the IRC where many other players congregate and discuss a range of topics relating to both in and out of game. This way, new players will find friends and forge bonds of comradeship, encouraging teamwork which is vital for the wellbeing of Australia.

Icon history.png History

Main article: History of Australia

Australia is one of the many countries that have been around since the very beginning of eRepublik. Australia has had a long history of war and hardship, including that of wars and political take overs involving it's neighboring countries Indonesia and New Zealand as well as Brazil and South Africa. However it has risen from the ashes numerous times reclaiming it's original regions and reinstating peace.

Dartreal, deemed one of Australia's finest comic artists, has written a series of comics on the history of Australia. These articles can be found here: List of Dartreal's Comics

Major Historical Events

Indonesia-Australia War

Main article: Indonesia-Australia War

April 13, 2008 to April 18, 2008

An apparently inappropriate letter written by Neo26988 to the Indonesian president isnuwardana sealed Australia's fate. When the war module was implemented, he declared war on Australia with only one congressman voting not to go to war.

Brazil-Australian War

Main article: Brazil-Australia War

December 12, 2009 to December 24, 2009

Brazil declared war in December 2009 taking Western Australia and Northern Territory. By the end of December, Australia had regained it's territories, however Brazil blocked the path to their original regions through a resistance war in South Africa.

The Great Southern War

Main article: Great Southern War

March 6, 2010 to May 13, 2010

On March 5th a PTO occurred in South Africa that saw Brazil and Argentina swiftly seize control of the country. Soon thereafter, Australia declared war and The Great Southern War began.

Angels and Demons

March to August of 2010

An Indonesian group under the name of Angels and Demons, politically tookover Australia for around 5 months. They were able to take control of the Australian Senate and elect themselves into position of President. During this time, Prime Ministers were elected within the Australian forums.

Political History

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