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Hello, my name in real-life is Mark and I'm born and living in the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. I mostly contribute to the wiki related to the Netherlands and that is why you won't notice me that much.If you want to talk to me personally you can send me a in-game private message, but I won't answer to spam or inappropriate questions.

--Kind regards, Tkid 10:41, 4 April 2012 (PDT)

My Pages:

- Sandbox
- Tkid
- eToast
What to do:

- Add category for old laws.
- Add internal links to articles in the Lawbook of the Netherlands
- Translate Lawbook of the Netherlands
- Update NLG Currency
- Add pages for eNL elites and nl-army.
- Fill the gaps in dutch history.
- Add pages for famous/important Dutch citizens
- Update Dutch citizen pages.

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