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Coordination and Formalities

Alright guys, by the request of Channing we will be formalizing the updating of the Airborne wiki. I guess he wants me to oversee it or something because of my big overhaul on it in the first place over Wisher's original layout and design. So I guess here is a bit of guide/other things. We need to standardize, and make it look smooth and clean. We have a lot of competition, so let's get to it! If anyone has any problems whatsoever, message me in-game with the same username as this account (duh). If you need help with the wiki coding and what not, speak with myself, Lieutenant Scheisskopf, or QJ Lincoln - the latter only in case of emergencies. Also meet in Rizon IRC room #wiki for any immediate concerns.

To do List

Once completed, strike out and sign. Do not erase please!

  1. Create "buttons" for the divisions, similar to the flag buttons (example: Icon-Turkey.png).
  2. Delete the section Operation Hungary Hungary Hippos section, create new page.
    • Note to staff: Try to get Sukoidha/NXNW/someone high up to approve of the creation of the Operation's wiki.
  3. Take the Domestic Combat emblem and modify the colors for Glorious Commendations.
  4. Find a good society-based emblem that ties with the others to go with Culture & Society.
  5. Update existing information that may be out of date (again, discuss before updating in the bottom section unless it's minor, such as "Lt. Colonel Channing" changed to "General Channing").

Read Before Editing!

  • Always use the "preview" button before clicking "save page."
  • Always add in the section "summary" a brief overview of what you did. Updates, standard changes, change of guard, what ever. Make sure you mention your change and why in about one sentence detail!
  • Preview is your friend
  • If you are simply updating standards, correcting minor content, or something that required less than a paragraph's change, select "This is a minor edit" box below the "summary" section. Again, fill in the "Summary" section. Preview is your friend.
  • All changes should be spoken about on this page before actually being implemented, especially if it is something drastic or layout-changing.
  • Always leave your wiki signature on this page when you are done typing so we know who said what without going into the history. If you don't know how, ask one of us and we can set you up!

Contributive Staff


For our discussion.

Emblems and Imagery


Content Improvements

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Updates and Corrections

Preview is your friend!

Just wondering if this is going anywhere

It looks a hell of alot better than the current AB article xD - John F Baker Icon-South Africa.png Talk/Pretorian Guard 00:58, 5 December 2010 (UTC)