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General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Abbreviation Zajedn\o/
Website Zajedn\o/ Sajt
Newspaper Zajedno mozemo sve
Organization Zajedn\o/ Organizacija
President zlatanaleksic
Members 186
Congress Occupancy 0/49 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-left
Ideology Libertarian

Zajedno (Together) is a political party in Serbia.

Zajedno was one of the 5 largest political parties in Serbia and its members have been elected in Congress of Serbia.

EternalFlameOfFreedom, member of Zajedno, was elected president of Serbia, in September 2010.

Party Presidents

President Name Began Term Ended Term
Dusan Sorgic 15th July 2009 15th August 2009
Predrag 15th August 2009 15th September 2009
dr.doom 15th September 2009 15th October 2009
dr.doom 15th October 2009 15th November 2009
mikica v 15th November 2009 15th December 2009
Natasha Pijovic 15th December 2009 15th January 2010
dr.doom 15th January 2010 15th March 2010
Trajkovic Miljan 15th February 2010 15th April 2010
Lala Banatski 15th March 2010 15th April 2010
Lala Banatski 15th April 2010 15th May 2010
Nessko 15th May 2010 15th June 2010
Nemanja Veselinovic 15th June 2010 15th July 2010
Sever4ever 15th July 2010 15th August 2010
mikica v 15th August 2010 15th September 2010
Phanes 15th September 2010 15th October 2010
demokrata 15th October 2010 15th November 2010
Miljicaa 15th November 2010 15th December 2010
Nemanja l ser 15th December 2010 15th January 2011
EternalFlameOfFreedom 15th January 2011 15th February 2011
marko1996 15th Februry 2011 15th March 2011
Miljicaa 15th March 2011 15th April 2011
Crank DJ 15th April 2011 15th May 2011
Crank DJ 15th May 2011 15th June 2011
dr.doom 15th June 2011 15th July 2011
Demokrata 15th July 2011 15th August 2011
Sumnivo_Lice 15th August 2011 15th September 2011
AradjanskiBranko 15th February 2013 15th March 2013
zlatanaleksic 15th March 2013 15th April 2013
korsakov25 15th Arpil 2013 15th May 2013
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