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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.
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{{One:Product_(Template)/English | name= Hospital | image= Wellness-icon-hospital.gif | q1_production_cost= | q1_bonus= +10 wellness | q2_production_cost= | q2_bonus= +20 wellness | q3_production_cost= | q3_bonus= +30 wellness | q4_production_cost= | q4_bonus= +40 wellness | q5_production_cost= | q5_bonus= +50 wellness }}

Hospitals are needed in a region in order to heal the soldiers after they lost a battle.

A battle is considered lost only when one of the fighters is taken down to 10 wellness.

You must use the hospital the same day you get defeated to get health back and it can only be used once.

Hospitals can only be bought by the mayor of the region you want the hospital to be in.

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