Hrvatska Cista Stranka Prava

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Hrvatska Cista Stranka Prava

Party-Hrvatska Cista Stranka Prava.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Abbreviation HČSP/HCSP
Forum [1]
Founded January 2010 (est)
Dissolved June 2010 (est)
President Franko Seman
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Hrvatska Cista Stranka Prava was a political party in Croatia.

Its history is extremely complicated. Due to the combination of factors, it has been takeovered several times and it has started from scratch several times. First it was created as Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista, then Hrvatski Ujedinjeni Pravasi and then as Nacionalni Demokrati.

The biggest problem is that the members are constantly connecting with Croatian extremist and that their community has a great deal of underage members that rather fight with people than talk with them. All though there are many factors why this party should be one of the smallest, it was always in top 10 political parties in Croatia (Sixth place was its biggest success).

This particular party has also one other problem: its name is quite similar to the biggest Croatian party - Hrvatska Stranka Prava, another issue that it makes their existence quite hard because members of HSP wanted to close HCSP down.

In April 2010, party was takenover by members of Koza Nostra so the ID of the party was changed from 2688 to 2703.

The party president for several terms was Franko Seman.