Kurotsuchi Mayuri

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Kurotsuchi Mayuri


User 2109.jpg
Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth December 1, 2007
Date of death fall 2009
Residence Islamabad, Punjab
Faith Dioism
Mayor of Islamabad
February 21, 2008 – May 20, 2008
Congressman of Pakistan
26 October 2008 – 25 November 2008
Military rank Icon rank Private.png Private
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kurotsuchi Mayuri is a citizen of Pakistan. He has created many posters for Stardust Crusaders Propaganda. He is also a director in the Falcon University of Creative Knowledge.

Mr. Mayuri served one term as a congressman of Pakistan.

 [16:14] <Kurotsuchi> World Institute of Greater Science
[16:14] <Kurotsuchi> The Falcon University of Creative Knowledge World Institute of Greater Sience is a new addition to the facilities, a worldwide consortium for the development of the sciences. The most famed product of their resarch is Exploding Bacon, which is used to turn a normal ATLANTIS pig soldier into a trotting time bomb. The institute is directed by Captain King Kurotsuchi Mayuri.
[16:14] <Kurotsuchi> Youth Degree
[16:15] <Kurotsuchi> That's my most notable mention in the wiki
[16:15] <Senor> Why doesnt koroush just User:AgentChieftain/Sandbox/Template:Spoiler
[16:15] <Senor> srsly
[16:15] <Kurotsuchi> Where's my dedicated page?
(Kurotsuchi Mayuri and SenorSchlong)